Samsung Is Worst: the Amount of Storage Space Can Be Misleading

A Samsung Galaxy S4 swallows itself, about half of the space being advertised with.
When mobile producers lures with specifications on internal memory, so there is never talk of real space, which you can fill up with music, video, apps, etc.
There must also be room for the phone operating system, and possibly the overlying skin and pre-installed apps from the manufacturer.
Samsung is worst
It is English Which? there is behind a study of 8 popular phones being advertised that houses 16 GB of internal memory. They have to mark the occasion created a manageable list that provides vision for the job.
At Samsung’s 16 GB Galaxy S4 is 8.56 GB available only to your own content. This means that the entire 46% are already exhausted.
No doubt that Samsung makes a big deal out of filling their cars up with the recent “Life Companion” innovations, but it has clearly also a price.
To make the most of Apple-and yet …
On iPhone 5 c is only used up 21% in advance, making the cell phone from Apple for a clear winner. Flag ship model 5S takes a bronze place when Apple here already have booked 24% to the operating system.
However, it should also be mentioned that the iPhone does not remotely have the same number of features, such as Samsung Galaxy S4 boasts. In addition, we can expand the memory via the map on Samsung’s mobiles, which is not possible with Apple’s iPhone.
Regardless of which mobile you prefer, then we must conclude that it from a customer perspective is misleading, when there are lured with specs on memory.