Samsung Gear S, Curved Display and 3G Connectivity

Samsung goes to its own, and although we can not rule it out in any area or type of product, the bet that has us prepared for the IFA, in regards to smart watches, does not follow the steps-circular design-LG G Watch R or Moto 360.

Samsung Gear S, Curved Display and 3G Connectivity

Samsung Gear S is a device that uses a curved screen, and is also not as dependent on a phone as we can expect from its competitors. The reason is in the implementation of 3G connectivity.
The other striking and different detail is its operating system, since here we find Tizen, instead of Android Wear. The Koreans will continue with the efforts initiated in the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Neo, but also will come proposals with the operating system of Google.
Essentially we are faced with a phone on the wrist, something that is not new in the industry, but the truth is that it had never been implemented at this level of design and technology. Let’s get to know him better:

Al Gear S Does Not Need A Phone

The clock is well served in that of being connected, since it also has WiFi and Bluetooth. Clearly the distinction is in 3G, which allows to bring the complete experience of communication to our wrist, beyond becoming a notifying element.
The answer to what you are asking: yes you can receive or make calls directly from the clock, and also can receive the phone that we have twinned.
Very interesting to find guided navigation capabilities , this time served by Nokia HERE maps . The clock has all the necessary sensors to perform this function: GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, digital compass, or barometer.
Neither have they forgotten the heart rate sensor, and S Health software to take advantage of it. Again we present a product that could also interest those looking to monitor their sporting activity.

Curved Display With Super AMOLED Technology

That is not circular does not imply that they have forgotten to brand new things, in addition, many people may like the square format more, so welcome as an alternative. What opens the Gear S is the curvature of the screen, which gives the device a more natural design at the wrist.
The screen has a diagonal of 2 inches, is made with a Super AMOLED panel, and the maximum resolution achieved is360x480 pixels.
As for specifications, we have 4GB of memory, 512MB of RAM, a dual core processor running at 1.0 GHz, and a 300mAh battery that boasts of giving a two-day life to its owner. One of its highlights is the resistance to water and dust, as it is certified as IP67.

Samsung Gear S, When?

As the Samsung Gear S and its accessories will become a reality in October, in major markets. For now no price.What we do know is that the straps will be interchangeable, and that comes accompanied by new headphones-Samsung Gear Circle-that take advantage of their possibilities.