Samsung Galaxy Tab Active, Analysis

Samsung usually surprise us once in a while. He has such range of devices that often are rather rare. I still remember the mobile Pico Projector a couple of MWC. And on this occasion we bring you something also surprising, Samsung Galaxy Tab Active.
We are not in a conventional, but very focused tablet to the company and harsh environments. Highlights its protections against shock and water, as well as some applications that brings to the work. We are going to do a complete analysis This tablet sure interesting you.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active, design

The most noteworthy of this tablet is clearly its physical finish and resistance. We are not used to see these as strong finishes. So it carries a cover which completely covers the device that support fall from 1.2 meters according to MIL STD 810 G. It also has protection against water and dust IP67. We have thoroughly tested the resistance falls and water and we can ensure that this tablet will hold what promises.
We have tried to drop the tablet several times from 1 meter in height in different positions and it has not had the slightest problem. We have also tried to wet it enough (basically to put it under the tap, as shown in the photos) and has not been for nothing, apart from that then we must dry it by removing the cover since it tends to get liquid inside. That Yes, we do not expect that the response of the touch screen is good with water, as it does not respond well.
Now, the big question that arises is if necessary this aspect on a tablet to make it waterproof. In other words, with the cover the aspect of the tablet is somewhat rough, with some bumps in the corners that do not give a very nice look. We are accustomed to seeing mobile water and dust protected beautiful (the Sony Xperia or even some phones Samsung latest), although in his defense say that this also holds falls and then perhaps their appearance.
Another drawback is that the tablet is like a large, 8-inch phone, and is something that I just do not understand. It has multi-tasking buttons, home and back on the bottom (buttons indeed quite robust) with what their preferential use is the vertical. It is as if we pardon a Samsung mobile and increase her size. To have up to the phone, but from that application will discuss later.
We have a tablet that you’ll want to professional users who want practical herramientras and callers do not care
Another thing that stands out from the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active is the rough appearance on the back, both sheathed and unsheathed. Personally it is an aspect that I like, while clearly it is plastic. The idea behind this roughness is to accidental slip.
Cover a gap for the camera and the LED remains quite well, not giving a feeling very strange. Strangest is the feeling that the transition from the rear of the cover to the side, perishing one bumper rather than a full sleeve.
If we remove the cover we find a metallic edge as we are used to in the Samung, some clear plastic sides and back also rough. The appearance is still a robust product rather than looking for beautiful lines.
Together with the sleeve comes a pencil called C-Pen, something more robust than the typical S-Pen in other models of Samsung, and very useful for professional use.
Ultimately, we are not before the tablet prettier market (or of course the Samsung) but are facing a robust enough 8-inch tablet and sure not known anything among professional users who want to practical herramientras and do not call attention.

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Performance hardware

First of all let’s see specifications hardware Samsung Galaxy Tab Active, to get an idea of what we will find in this tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active, specifications
Physical dimensions 213.1 x 126.2 x 9.75 mm393 grams
Screen 8 inch TFT
Resolution WXGA 1280 x 800 pixels, 188 ppp
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Quad Core @ 1.2 GHz
Graphics processor Adreno 305
RAM 1.5 GB
Memory 16 GB + microSD up to 64 GB
Version Android 4.4.2 KitKat
Connectivity GPS, GLonass
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4 + 5 GHz, HT40
Bluetooth 4.0
Cameras Front: 1.2 MPRear: 3.1 MP
Battery Removable Li-ion battery, 4.450 mAh
Approximate price 399 euro WiFieuros 499 WiFi + LTE
Other data Protective case

As we see the specifications are typical of a range average. Two things stand out: the removable battery, not very common thing in a tablet; connectivity, which is LTE, very useful for professional use. Let’s see what is his performance with the synthetic test.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active, performance
AnTuTu X Standard: 18.033 points
Quadrant 8680 points
3DMark Ice Storm: 5.612 Ice Storm Extreme: 2.863Ice Storm Unlimited: 4.606
EPIC Citadel High Performance: 57.3 FPS
High Quality: 55.6 FPS
Ultra High Quality: 30.2 FPS
BenchmarkPI 373 milliseconds
Vellamo HTML5: 1692Metal: 811Multicore: 1004

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Performance is not bad but not spectacular, we would be in a mid-range area. Clear that it is not surprising, we have a device whose intention is professional, need remote management applications, take notes, email, access to CRM, etc. and not a great performance for games, for example.
Still the terminal is very fluid, and the experience overall is good. For normal use of navigation, email, etc. is perfect and even to use the majority of games available on Google Play.
The camera is normalita, as it is usual in the tablets. Then we leave a few pictures taken in different conditions, so you can evaluate it. The interior shots are pretty bad.

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The tablet comes with, as we have already explained, with a stylus called C-Pen that works pretty well, but lacks any special functions to other tablets from Samsung S-Pen. It is simply a small stylus, that will not work on terminals that do not support this technology. It is very useful for professional use, for example to sign delivery notes.
The battery performance is quite adequate. We have not referred to any important drainage and we use several days without problems. In the strongest tests subjected him, benchmarks, was able to finish them only consuming 15% battery when we were doing a fairly long series (each benchmark repeated it three times to see that there is repeatability). In addition the battery saving (which we’ll talk about later) is interesting.
Screen pays pretty well, despite the low resolution that has (that Yes, a tablet is not comparable with a mobile phone, is farther from the eyes) and it is a TFT panel. The color reproduction is adequate and fairly powerful brightness even in outdoor. The viewing angles are good both laterally and from top to bottom.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active, software

The terminal comes standard with Android 4.4. The appearance is typical of the Samsung, Touchwiz: the launcher and the system uses customized (as for example settings) and with some interesting thing as quick Settings toolbar. Even so the customization is little intrusive, not abused as if seen in older terminals from Korean manufacturer.
It’s funny that There are few factory installed applications, Samsung is changing in this aspect. They are Google applications, Samsung apps store and little else. The space occupied by the system are 4 GB, leaving 12 for what you want. There is no much bloatware for the Korean brand than usual.
Changes to the application’s settings against pure Android are quite deep, divided by sections, with an organization that isn’t bad. The inconos are the classics, not like in the latest versions of Samsung.
The tablet also has energy-saving options for when is running us out of battery
The Quick Settings toolbar is at the top of the notifications panel and is very configurable. I believe that this way of handling fast adjustments, which we see in many terminals, is much more comfortable offering pure Android so I sure like to users.
As long as we have a Samsung, there are buttons hardware, despite Google design guidelines. On this occasion we have the three physical buttons (normally only the plant is physical, the others are tactile) which adds robustness to the tablet. Now, as already did in the last mobile Samsung here also have (finally) removed the menu button and have replaced it by the multi-tasking.
The tablet comes with the application call, since it has capacity for SIM and even LTE. I.e., we can use this 8-inch tablet like a phone, however very ridiculous as it may seem. Not surprisingly, us, It is not the first tablet from Samsung that allows you to make voice calls and send SMS.
One possibility that allows this Galaxy Tab Active is multiwindow, so if applications are prepared we can have two at the same time on the screen, such as Gmail and Youtube. In general I think that this has limited usefulness and perhaps larger tablets it is that important, in 8-inch small something is done me but surely has its fans.
The tablet also has energy saving options When is running us out of battery, something quite useful. It has two modes, the energy-saving normal, which restricts the use of data and performance, and the mode of ultrahorro of energy, which only allows you to run certain applications and promises a significant life extension.
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active also has other interesting options, like the screen using mirroring Allcast, synchronization with Dropbox, integrated file browser, and a fairly comprehensive help application.
In principle you should bring Knox, according to the advertising, and in fact you can see that it has the 2.1 version in “About the device” but it isn’t anywhere else.

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Xataka Android view

The Samung Galaxy Tab Active is clearly a niche product. Is very focused on the professional sector: very sturdy, resistant, diseño industrial, C-Pen… Although you may like to some particular to be a high level of protection on your tablet.
It is a tablet that is very well balanced, with characteristics of range mean, not very full of applications and special services of Samsung and that is very interesting, aside from the 7 inch you will have eaten the phablets.
To qualify it completely we should know its price, but it has still not been announced by Samsung.

In favour

  • Robust
  • Performance
  • C-Pen


  • Too industrial design
  • It looks like a large phone