Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review: Tips For Better Photos

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is edge a top smart phone with a great camera, but that alone is no guarantee of decent photos. While only a few basics are necessary for your snapshots. Here edge will receive your an introduction to the camera menu of the Galaxy S6, the setting options, as well as some tips away from hardware and software; about, as you the Smartphone the best hold, what you should consider when the composition or how do you recognize a good motive for photos.
The Camera Menu: Settings Of À La Carte
Samsung has launched an unusual Smartphone on the market with the Galaxy S6 edge that is striking at first glance through the screen with two bent page corners. The changes in contrast to previous models but extends to below the surface. So also the user guide for the camera in a new light shines, so also the owner of older Samsung devices on some changes must reckon.
Five menu items are placed at the top of the preview screen: left the gear for the camera settings, LED Flash, shutter lag and HDR mode and right the magic wand icon for filter effects follow in order. Click on the settings icon brings you to the Galaxy S6 edge in a menu. Here you can resize, video stabilization and co. and turn off and display a grid, which we enter again later.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Tips For Better Photos

Change Slow Motion, Fast Motion, And Co. – Shooting Modes
You’ll come across the preview screen by button or by gesture in a second menu. Wipes either from the left to the right, or tap the button in the lower left corner that says “Mode”. Here, you set the different shooting modes. “Auto” you let the Galaxy S6 edge all photo settings for recording while you “Pro” full manual control over ISO number, gives aperture, focus, and white balance. Below we explain you for more details.
“Selective focus” allows you two focus points in a photo set, for example, a close and a distant object, while the rest between them remains out of focus. Note: The results take a lot of space and sometimes consume 25 MB – per image. “Panorama”, however, the name is program. Select it to capture landscapes with oversize. “Slow motion” and “Time-lapse” are also self-explanatory – and also need plenty of storage space.
“Virtual tour” is more gimmick than seriously to feature: it allows you to record an object of several pages and then tilt sensor of the Galaxy S6 to look freely on edge.
General Photo Rules
Still no master of the sky has fallen, but with a few tips for beginners, already substantial results can be achieved. One of the most important rules for the composition of the image is the so-called rule of thirds, which is about an image Division according to the golden ratio. For this purpose the mentioned grid can be display, which is used as an aid. The subject should not centrally available in the image, but lie on one or more of the lines.
Similarly, for example, for some landscape shots: instead of putting the horizon right in the Middle, the relationship between heaven and earth should be one to two – or vice versa, depending on what you photographed. Involves in the choice of motif in the composition is also bright and dark areas. The objective should always be to provide a balanced result. With time, you get an eye for such subtleties. It is also using the manual settings on the Galaxy S6 worth edge, which give you more freedom.
The Pro Mode Quickly Explained
Without going into too much detail, here are some basics to discusses you the Pro mode of Galaxy S6 edge offers. “Hue” it sets a filter for the image and increases the saturation, or it fades out, just a few to mention. With “Manual focus” it sets a focal point you simply type to the object on the screen, which you would have made hot.
The “white balance” the colors the lighting situation adapts to, so that if the subject is lit by sunlight or by a lamp. “ISO” is the light sensitivity. Following applies: the higher the value, the less light required a recording, but all the more distorted the result. With the “exposure value”, it also brightens the image or darkens it.

  • On the preview screen, you can find the icons for camera settings, LED Flash, shutter lag, HDR mode and filter
  • Wipes on the preview screen from left to right, to open the menu for shooting modes
  • This is alternatively with the button “Mode”
  • Heed the rule of thirds when taking your photos and makes you aware of the image Division
  • The Pro mode of Galaxy S6 edge provides advanced settings