Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Reviews

Since 19 September, the exchange action for the allegedly defective Galaxy Note 7 devices at the house Samsung. All those who have a particular model at home, which is endangered because of a faulty battery, should send it and receive a new and error-free device free of charge. This caused the sales start for the Galaxy Note 7 of course delayed and according to current reports now begin at the end of October.

Samsung Remains Optimistic

In an official announcement Samsung announced that they wanted to complete the exchange of previously sold Galaxy Note 7 devices completed. So it is set as an internal goal. In the press release it is also clear that the conclusion of the exchange action should also start the new sales start. This also means that the start could be postponed again if the exchange continues to grow.

Wait Or Pay More?

If Samsung is on itypemba, we can assume that the Galaxy Note 7 will be available in all markets on October 28th. This means, of course, that we have to wait a little longer until we can hold a Galaxy Note 7 in our hands. If you are really impatient, can browse eBay or other portals. Some customers whose devices have already been replaced offer their new and original Galaxy Note 7.
However, they claim quite high prices. Whoever is willing to pay for it, will surely find something quickly. We advise you, however, to wait a little longer and order the Galaxy Note 7 together with a favorable tariff. So you would have saved twice.