Samsung Dishes into-Now the Android Look Like Android

Samsung and Google’s agreement helps not only in court cases, but will lead to greater cooperation on the look of Android.
The other day we could write that Google and Samsung have teamed up for a 10-year agreement, but it was the few who knew of the scope of the agreement and now begins to sprinkle more information forward.
Many indications as to the fact that the two giants will cooperate on how Android should look like in the future. That they will go together on the design comes on the back of many who came with enough during CES where Samsung presented the new Android tablets, which had not Samsung’s TouchWiz, but Magazine UX, which most of all looks like a mix between Windows 8 and lifestyle magazines.
Android must look like Android
But it is perhaps exactly because of Samsung’s Magazine UX, that the two have come together to create a more uniform design. Google is interested in having as much consistency between the various manufacturers, so everyone knows that this is an Android product, whether it’s an HTC, Samsung, or Sony you are faced with. Previously Google tried to get producers to look more uniform and make as few changes of Android as humanly possible, but with little success.
Samsung will use Google apps
Samsung is not only a tease with Magazine UX, but also on the apps section where Samsung has made special apps which was preinstalled and promoted on Samsung devices. Samsung has among other things created ChatOn, WatchOn and similar, where Google, by contrast, had Hangouts and Newsstand “that could more or less the same as Samsung’s apps. Google now believe that it is time for Samsung mate right and promote Hangouts and Newsstand “, so multiple Android devices is talking the same language both design-wise and appmæssigt, and again makes Android a more uniform experience.
It is, therefore, items from the agreement as the primary goes Google’s path, but Samsung must of course have something the other way, what do you think it might be?
It is just money, promised to produce the next Nexus entity, participation on Android 3.1 or something completely fourth?