Rumor of the Day: YouTube Will Stream Music with Advertising

The YouTube is planning an online music subscription service in Spotify templates. This service would be launched later this year, yet. The video site even already have a responsible team for negotiations with record companies and others looking after the operational part. The information comes from Fortune.
Also according to the magazine, the content and application store Google Play was also working on implementing something similar, but each option to listen to music have distinct features. The Play should primarily use the Android platform and charge a monthly fee for subscribers.
But the YouTube music service would offer streaming music for free, with advertising inserts. The user who want to listen to your music without commercial calls would have to subscribe to the service. The model would be similar to Spotify, currently music service by popular subscription in the world.
The news is not good for Spotify or Rdio. The first was based on 15 million users last year, while YouTube is a colossus of 800 million visitors per month.
Several traditional technology companies exploit the idea of offering music for download or to listen by streaming, especially the Nokia (in Windows Phone), Microsoft (through various platforms linked to the Xbox brand) and Sony. We made ​​a comparison with seven listening music services you should know.
The 4ME.FM was launched last month as another option. In it you listen to music stored on YouTube, which raises questions about the copyrights of artists.