Rumor of the Day: Facebook Will Use Skype for Video Conferencing Technology

Apparently users Google+ should not find such “incredible news” that Mark Zuckerberg promised for next week so new or so incredible. According to rumors raised by the site Mashable , in the coming days the social network is expected toannounce a new conversation video system operating under the technology Skype(which, incidentally, remember, was recently acquired by Microsoft ).

According to information from the end of last year the team responsible for the new development was in talks with Skype for the implementation of technology in the social network, which in turn would see the site of the profiles included in their service. So far it is unclear whether you’ll need to download and plug -in or client to make the technology work.
An interesting detail is to know that such video chat support simultaneous conversations with multiple users – feature available in Skype after the payment of a fee and for free on Google+.
First strong competitor in years to face the Facebook in the field of social networks, Google + went live earlier this week and has aroused curiosity of many sailors, the web giant’s point cancel sending invitations to stop the “demand insane “in its early days.
The curious, calm. The questions should be answered in the coming days.