Royal Wedding Rings Collection

Missing only two days at the wedding of the year and fever Royal Wedding rages everywhere, even infecting the fashion houses and brands. Are many brands that fact at the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton have created limited editions and commemorative capsule collection. He ‘also the case of Toy Watch, Italian watch brand for the royal wedding has dedicated its iconic model with the dial decorated with the Union Jack, the British flag.
Royl Wedding fever has infected a bit ‘all now.
Missing only two days to the wedding that will fulfill the dream of love between Prince William and his beloved Kate Middleton, who in the meantime has become an icon of fashion and style almost as much as her mother-in-law, the unforgettable Lady Diana.
I’m indeed innumerable brands that in recent weeks they wanted to celebrate the royal wedding dedicating to the two spouses limited editions inspired by their style and their look. We saw the Nomination jewelry collection inspired by Kate’s engagement ring, even a badge of applied to Havaianas! Even Toy Watch has decided to dedicate to the future royal couple one of its iconic watches, this time revisited with the reason for the flag of the United Kingdom on the dial. L ‘clock “royal” is available in both a sports version or a more glamorous, with the ring decorated with white crystals, red and blue! What do you think? Never would you buy this watch to celebrate William and Kate?