Rovio Releases a New Update for Angry Birds Seasons: Ham 'Or' Ween

This week we saw how Rovio, makers of Angry Birds, launched a teaser for ahead of the latest update of Angry Birds Seasons set on Halloween. Not bad, the wait has already come to an end and the most loved angry birds back with interesting news.
On the one hand, and as it has become the custom in these updates, we have new levels set in the aesthetics of Haloween. In total, 30 levels new where we put an end to all the pigs truths, mechanics well known already by the fans of the saga.
On the other hand Ham ‘or’ ween includes a new type of bird and therefore a new strategic element. At first glance seems a small chick but gradually it will grow and be more devastating. Two reasons to upgrade (or reinstall) on our Android Angry Birds Seasons.
As it has become the custom This update is free of charge and you can download it from the Android Market. What do you think about this new update? And the new bird? What seems clear is that Rovio wants to continue playing with birds for a long time.