Room Tumblr: 5 Tips for Decorating

If you use the pinterest, you’ve probably spent hours admiring the numerous models of room tumblr that are on the network. Each more beautiful, harmonious and comfortable than the other.
And what stands out in this style and that increasingly attracts admirers is like letting your little corner with your face and personality, reflecting creativity and good taste in the minutest detail. Is how to transform this space so important in an extension of you.
With that in mind, we brought 5 tips to help you decorate your bedroom with the best cost-benefit ratio. Check out!

1. Make Yourself A Clothesline Pictures

Decorate your home, especially your room, is not an easy task. Are many decisions about each object, the arrangement of furniture, storage … And to make it more difficult, the ideas won’t stop. Still, you can hold the will to leave the room cozy and full of feelings.
And what better way to do that than put their best moments and great memories in photographs? A super charmosa inspiration and that always makes success is the Clothesline.
After all, in addition to fast and practical, he enters the trend of do it yourself (DIY). At night, you can still give a special touch with flasher lights following the path of the Clothesline.

2. Use A Cork Wall

Is a mistake to think that Cork just serves to make wine corks or coat internally wooden furniture. Because it is made of a material accessible, is quite sturdy, easy to apply and has become a true fever, conquering more and more space in rooms on the tumbler style.
The implementation and use of it are quite simple: you an adhesive of your walls and she will serve both as decoration as inspiration Board, where you can expose your memories, storing pictures and even serve as bulletin board and study. Oh, and the price is quite affordable!

3. Abuse Of Colors

Another very important feature of a room tumblr are the colors: they convey your personality and can be hitched the special meanings for you. For this reason, invest in cheerful colors and vivid that influence the well-being and your relaxation.
Worth using contrasting color palettes with decoration items, but without losing the harmony, always creating a sense of visual unity.
The tones like lilac, coral, turquoise, marsala and Rose Quartz are great options for exploring the walls of your room with enough creativity. Abuse without fear and innovate!

4. Use Wall Stickers

Another cool and Creative Tip able to renovate the rooms, especially for those who do not want to resort to painting, are the wall stickers via AnylistinTheus. They are cheap, stylish and easy to apply. And the best: you can find a myriad of models to complement your decor.
A special suggestion and that can be very useful, including for your organization, is to opt for versions of adhesive slate, where you can customize your agenda, tasks and reminders, let motivating phrases or write the chorus to that song you love.

5. Assemble A Room With Paintings And Decorative Letters Tumblr

The paintings, as well as photographs, give a charm to the environment and convey so much of your history, your style and personal tastes. They can be a way to relax and break the monotony of the room through asymmetric compositions, different frames and creative images.
You can make pictures with collages from magazines, movies and posters, photographs of cities like or points of interest that have visited. There is no shortage of options.
Add to that the decorative letters and feel free to play with words and create a visual harmony with the paintings and other decorative items. You can use and abuse of the imagination at this time. Enjoy the variety of applications, sizes and different slopes and increase even more the letters.
Like our tips? Then start to put their ideas into practice and be surprised with a fourth tumblr just the way you want to!
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