[Review] The Sonzera That Aquarius Acqua Rock in Rio Can Do

Comes from Rio de Janeiro and with the stamped Rock in Rio, the great musical event that for decades brings internationally renowned bands the carioca capital (and … uh, Lisbon?). One of the boxes of cheaper Bluetooth sound, probably more sold in the country. Often available at retail for under $40, the Aquarius Acqua Rock in Rio is good?
Of course not, but I think no one expected this from such a cheap deal, right? The immediately superior products cost at least twice; the more established brands such as X50 Logitech, lucky are found for $150 has to be some demerit a competitor that costs so much less.
Incidentally, that same box is easily found in Chinese stores, those who ship to anywhere in the world without charging freight, with the only difference that we do not have the brand “Rock in Rio” – which, depending on your relationship with festivals It may prove to be an advantage. This leads me to believe that the work of Aquarius or is to put together a project bought Chinese or just to import, locate and branding of Rock in Rio.
Regardless of what is and the obvious limitations of the product, is a decent job. In addition to the manual in Portuguese and good teaching (despite the “excel the button” lost there in the middle), the price at which it can sell the nationalized speaker is noteworthy. In many instances, becomes lower than charge in Chinese stores. On the day I write this the Chinese original appears for R$35 at Deal Extreme. In stores B2W (American, Submarine) it usually reach $39, sometimes up to R$29. China Business!
The speaker Bluetooth Aquarius Acqua Rock in Rio (or without Rock in Rio, in the case of orange model) has many positive highlights. In that matter, the sound, you can not say that it is good. Has 3W of power and even manages to fill small rooms, but the songs sound quite muffled, lacking detail, the bass is negligible and the feeling is that it is little better than you would hear the direct sound from the built-in speaker your smartphone. (Depending on the smartphone, I suspect that until the quality is better.)
Connectivity is quiet, like virtually all Bluetooth box type. A nice touch is that when you turn it on, a woman’s voice, speaking exactly right Brazilian Portuguese, gives clear instructions to the user about what to do. Just watch out the fact that you need to enter a password (0000) during pairing.
Product design is simple whole. The sound output is down, not at the top, where are positioned five buttons – on/off, play/pause, forward track/increase the volume, back track/decrease the volume and answer calls – and the LED which switches between the blue and red colors to indicate battery level and status of the box. The base is actually a suction cup. That’s cool because Aquarius Acqua is waterproof (with a name like that, if it were not surprised).
I used one model Rock in Rio in black for a few days. It’s kind of depressing sound, but breaks the branch – and this expression, “break the branch,” sets the tone of the Aquarius Acqua is proposed or can be. One cool thing is that it is hard in the fall. I do not know if for my incompetence or failure of the suction cup, my unit fell twice on the ground from a height of ~ 1.50, and still continues to function.
Autonomy, at least in my tests, hit upon the promise of Aquarius, ie three hours of audio. In the box comes a very short USB cable that serves to recharge the box on a computer.
If you are willing to spend a few bucks to improve the quality of music they consume, save a little more and get a better box. Previously my statement would be the MD-12, Nokia , but it was discontinued long ago, even before part of Nokia be sold to Microsoft. Today, Logitech X100 and her younger sister, X50, are immediately cheaper and certainly decent to have. It costs more, but it is a difference that is justified.
Aquarius Acqua Rock in Rio is part of a family. Besides this box, Aquarius also sells in-ear earphones and headphones, the first routinely sold for less than $10 Do not tested, but not to expect much. These products can be great Secret Santa gift or, in the case of Bluetooth box, something to drop in the bathroom if you short soak up the sound of your favorite music. Nothing more than this.