Review of Tent Takoma 2, NTK (Nautika)

Series Small Tents: we follow with the series of reviews about small tents, for one or two people. The goal is to assist adventurers in the choice of equipment according to your profile. We inform you about the features and functionality of each, differentiating tents tents techniques generalists, and we indicate the best options for treks, Wild camping or structured. The tent Takoma 2, new model of NTK (Nautika), is included in this group of tents.
The tent Takoma 2 is a new model (2016) released by Nautika. Is a compact tent, light, easy to assemble and inexpensive. See below for the detailed information, pictures, the vídeo complementar to this review.
Characteristics of Tent Takoma
Structure: this model is a simple igloo, with partial sobreteto. The room is self-supporting, however the sobreteto is only properly armed when arrested at espeques.
Resistance: it is far from being one of the toughest we’ve ever seen tents especially for not having full sobreteto. In windy situations she can wear and the sobreteto can shake a lot. To increase your strength on extremely windy days advise the use of 4 espeques, as we explain below in item “Espeques”.
Sobreteto tissue has 2000 column of water and comes with sealed seams, as well as the flooring, which gives plenty of tranquility that water will not pass through the fabric (and even), however “missed” seal the seam that joins the floor into the room which causes in situation of heavy rain water can enter through there. We recommend that you do this manually combo before using in case of heavy rain. Learn more about how to seal the seams.
Size: tent Takoma is for two people and two people in comfort, including some equipment inside the tent. It’s a fairly long tent with 2.30 m, which means that (unless you’re too loud), left a space in the feet to store equipment.
Weight: Weigh the tent Takoma and she weighs 2.26 kg (on the package). It’s a pretty light weight for a two-person tent. This lightness in part by weight of espeques and she does not have full sobreteto.
Volume: is a tent that the packaging measures 13 X 13 X 50 cm. Is well little bulky and easy to carry, and can even fit inside the bag, depending on the situation and the backpack!
Finish: tent leaves something to be desired in some finishing and sewing.
Room: the room has the following dimensions: length of 2.30 m, width of 1.30 m and height of 1.13 m. All measured by ourselves. On the front and back as there is sobreteto protection, the fabric is waterproof. The sides are already are in room mosquito net screen to facilitate air circulation. In the room there is a small pocket at the back wall in the Center.
Sobreteto: This tent, as we can see in the photos, does not have full sobreteto. He goes to the ground only on the sides. Both on the front, like back, works just like a small breakthrough. The sobreteto is in waterproof Polyester fabric with polyurethane, with a column of water of 2000 mm with sealed seams. Resisted very well in the rain, without passing an ounce.
Floor: the floor of the tent is 210 Oxford Polyester fabric, high strength, has a sealed seam in the Center, but has no selection in the seam that joins the floor to the room (tissue transition black to green), which can be a problem on rainy days, as we report on the following experience.
Our experience: we get a lot of rain with the tent and waterproof fabrics for both the sobreteto and the room (front and rear) resisted very well, no drop, however a weakness is that the seam that joins the room to the floor does not have selection and entered the water. Entered enough water because it was a lot of rain, with wind and water beat straight in the back of the tent and entered running through holes of the seam. To avoid this problem in the future, use a sealant to seams (Nautika) to insulate those seams.

Doors: this model of tent has one of the more unusual ports we’ve ever seen. There is only one front door, but the door has2 sizes, a big one (it would be like normal”) and also has a window with mosquito net which can be opened completely, turning into a little door. Understand better watching the video supplement to the review below.
Avancê: the sobreteto of tent has a small advance on the bedroom door just to avoid water from right in the door, but does not protect enough that any equipment can be stored on the side and out.
Window: on the door there is an opening that can be used aswindow. You can open the fabric and stay only in the mosquito net or fully open. In addition there are no other ventilationWindows, but the air circulation happens easily, entering by the front and rear sobreteto and circling the sides teladas the room.
Zipper: The zíppers are pretty weak, in this model that we gotcame with at least 2 crooked teeth, which make it difficult to slip in two points. Another detail is that when the big door is completely open is only able to close (from above) using both hands because the weight of the fabric down makes a lot of tension. The zíppers do not have protection against rain, nor sealed seams.
Binders: Are 4 stretchers that must be placed one on each corner of the tent. Are strings with black that piece that makes the tension. In my opinion there seems to be a design error (or seam) of where the binders must be made, as to give a tension and utmost firmness to the tent they should be placed by pulling out of the tent, which forces the seam in the opposite direction, pretty weird.
Espeques: this model has 10 plastic espeques of 15 cm each.6 of them must be used to anchor the room and sobreteto and 4 to the stretchers. If you want a slightly firmer anchorage, we advise you take 4 espeques extras and use espeques in the room 4 + 6 espeques in sobreteto + 4 espeques in estiadores. See more about this at the end of the video (below). To tread on them, to stick on the floor harder, they can warp, but they can also be desentortados with the hands.
Rods: tent Takoma has 3 rods, 2 of them to do the basic structure of the igloo room and 1 for sobreteto support. When folded the larger rods measuring 47 cm. Elastic that binds the rods is a little weak (loose).
Packing: the tent comes in a green bag, strapless and without identification. Super simple, but with two bands (one on each end) so that it can be tied to some location, if necessary. The tent on the packaging has 13 X 13 X 50 cm (approximately). It’s not hard to make her fit again.
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* Understand here what we consider as a differential betweeneach type of camp (trekking, wild and structured).
Technical information of tent Takoma
Brand: NTK (Nautika)
Origin: imported
Capacity: 2 people
Length: 2.30 m (measured by us)
Width of the room: 1.30 m (measured by us)
Room height: 1.13 m (measured by us)
Weight: 2.260 kg (heavy for us. The brand announces that sheweighs 2 kg)
Packing size: 13 X 13 X 50 cm (approximately)
Sealed seams: The sobreteto and the room floor
Sobreteto water column: 2,000 mm
Floor water column: 2,000 mm
Material of rods: Rods of fiberglass (made with 100% virgin material with FLEXMAX)
Sobreteto material: 100% waterproof Polyester with polyurethane
Floor material: polyester Oxford 210 high resistance
Espeques: 10 units of 15 cm
Espeques material: plastic
This product was ceded by the brand NTK, but does not represent a sponsored Post since we here our most genuine opinion about the product, without any influence of the brand. Learn more about our policies of Reviews.