Restaurant Tip in Bonito

Galeraaa … yupppiii … just left another novelty warm from the oven of the Hunch of Luxury! Who will enjoy the 14th Winter Festival in Bonito (MS)??? The event starts this Wednesday (31/07) and runs until Sunday (04/08), and as every year promises to attract tourists from different corners of Brazil and also abroad. So, thinking of our beloved readers who are scheduled to travel there, have prepared a most precious tip, a delicioooso place that you should/need to know: the meeting of the waters Restaurant!!! The restaurant is located on the premises of the Hotel Pousada Aguas de Bonito (soon we’re going to do a post about the hotel!), but is available to not only the guests as well as the general public, simply make your reservation! People’s good d +++, super nice environment and with a refined regional menu, which we haven’t found anywhere else in the city. Palpitinho of gold for anyone looking for a nice restaurant in Beautiful!!!
In the vast list of menu options we found: cover charge; Hot and cold entries; Salads; Broths; Masses; Risottos; Fish; Birds; Alligator; Meat; Servings; Omelets; Desserts; Snacks; Kids Menu; Wines; Sparkling wines; Drinks Varied; Drinks in General. Anyway, has options for all tastes! No matter what dish you choose, all are wonderful and prepared by a Chef who came to São Paulo to work exclusively in the Restaurant meeting of waters. Chic, neh? A-M-A-M-O-S! How do we know you adoooram our posts of groceries and can’t resist a juicy image … kkkkkkkkkkkk … we did several flashes of dishes that tasted, so it is easier to imagine the “torture”. The fatties here were crazy! Hahahahaha! Is our tip for those who are in this next weekend for beautiful, or any other day: be sure to make reservations and get to know the Restaurant meeting of waters. We are sure that you will also fall in love by the delights of there!!!
Now let’s get to it: dishes that tasted!
Hmmm … just to see the images below our worms crazy already!
Check it out:
Goat cheese
Delicious goat cheese breaded and fried, with guavira jelly with pepper. Comes with mini salad of leaves.
Fisherman’s pie
Pieces of painted with white velvety sauce and flavored, little prawn, boiled eggs, topped with delicious mashed potatoes and grated cheese au gratin.
Painted with Caper sauce
Painted fillet sauteed with capers, noisette butter sauce with Parmesan risotto to limone.
The Brazilian Moqueca
Tender pieces of Tilapia to the fresh tomato sauce, chilies, onions, fresh cilantro, coconut milk, palm oil, accompanied by white rice and fish pyre of fish.
Alligator Beautiful waters
Tasty alligator tail fillet sprinkled with cream-based sauce of milk food , leek, mushrooms, little prawn, accompanied by mashed potatoes flavored with Parmesan cheese.
Mignon meeting of the waters
Filet Mignon filet mignon wrapped with bacon, served with scalloped potatoes with sauce mornay and broccoli Cook in the steam.
Pantanal Risotto
Arboreal rice, pieces of alligator, local fish, fresh peas, tomatoes, bell peppers, onion, garlic, pepper, garnished with Lady finger ribs pacú empanada and FRY.
Risotto of salted meat
Arboreal rice, boiled and shredded meat, cooked in broth and mashed pumpkin Cabot, garnished with crispy bacon and cassava.
For those who prefer a quick snack ….
And ae galera, are salivating? Licking their chops?
We want to go back to Beautiful urgenteee!!! kkkkkkkkkk