Report Declares Moto X as the Winner in the 4 G Network-Test

According to the new report’s Moto X 35 percent faster than the average of LG G2, HTC One, Galaxy S4 and Note II.
The company Signals Research has created a number of measurements on a variety of phones to get an overview of which ones have the best and most stable 4 g network connectivity. The clear winner is the Motorola Moto X.
A total of 860 tests were conducted and they showed that Moto X had 35 percent higher rate than average and that the phone could maintain a data connection by all 9 dB lower signal level than the competing phones.
The other phones in the report was the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II, HTC One and LG G2.

Not quite a level playing field

Report disabled a bit of that Moto X as the only telephone was tested on the Verizon Wireless network where the remaining were tested on AT & T network. On both networks, there was talk about the 700 MHz frequency band, but the frequency range was a little bit different while on Verizon took the Band Class 13 and on AT & T took the Band Class 17.
Michael Thelander, Director and founder of Signals Research, however, tells that the difference in the frequency range had no impact because they are so close to each other.
It is possible he is right, but since there were used two different companies, there may be some other features, such as network load balancing that has had an impact on the outcome, though it’s a somewhat nice margin Moto X WINS with.