Remix Ultra Tablet, The Alternative to The Microsoft Surface Pro Android

Jide, a company founded by three former employees of Google, has introduced its first device in this CES 2015. His stand is an Android Tablet have called that Remix Ultra Tablet, and has as main characteristics to recline between 40 and 80 degrees and connect magnetically to your keyboard to become in an alternative to the Microsoft Surface Pro.
Tablet has a premium due to its combination of plastics and metals, and also has stereo speakers, headphone input, and connections OTG microUSB and microSD, this last with a capacity of 128 GB that complement the 16 or 64 GB internal storage device.

Remix Ultra Tablet, specifications

The Remix Ultra Tablet of Jide comes equipped with a screen 11.6-inch and a resolution of 1080 p IPS. Sign your processor Nvidia, although it has yet to determine whether it will be the Tegra 3 or 4, and will also have a ULP GeForce GPU 72, 2 GB of RAM and a front camera of 5 megapixels. All powered by a powerful battery of 8,100 mAh.
To charge the tablet will have a charger 4-pin that attaches in to the right side of the device, and at the bottom there will be another 6 pin connector which will be magnetic and will serve to connect it to your keyboard with touchpad.
Another point worth highlighting of this tablet is its operating system, which is based on Android 4.4.2 and is called Remix OS. Quiet, they are already working on bringing it to Lollipop. The main feature of this system is that it is specially adapted to be used with keyboard and mouse, something that in tablets Android rarely looks and is much less cast.
Another of the wonders of this OS Remix is its spectacular support multi-window applications. When you launch one, can give the button with the icon of Jide and this will reduce its size and will be placed at the bottom right of the screen, so that you can run both in window and full-screen applications.

Remix Ultra Tablet, price and availability

This ultratableta will be launched shortly to the Chinese market, and is expected to also arrive to United States and United Kingdom between the second and third quarter of the year. There is no information about the rest of European countries, but it is a newly created company we should not make us too many illusions.
As for the price, Jide believe that when you step on American soil will be of 349 dollars for the 16 GB and 449 for the 64 GB model. The tablet will be put on sale in different colors, like black, red and silver.