Remedies to Stretch Shoes

Honestly, I had never considered the problem (and painful problem!) To have the tight shoes in my shoe… until some time ago. My problem is called (goes) Miu Miu. For those who are fond of shoes or even a shoesaholic, like me, the Miu Miu shoes can be a really tremendous temptation and spending just 50 euro to Factory Store Miu Miu and Prada Levanella (Arezzo), this temptation can turn dangerously in a “I have to have them.” Of course, even if it means wanting to die for mignolino order to admit them because, given the price, it is often unique and as such unique numbers (series of pointless asking all’addetta sales “Excuse me, has a number above?”, the murderess gaze is implied and I have experienced it!). In short, you’ll see that the story tells of a pair of Miu Miu for a number under my, beautiful, economic, finished in my shoe, but never, never, never worn. Then I had enough and I turned on the internet. “Remedies to enlarge shoes”: and a world is open!

The first method is called Shoemaker. I do not know about you but, this figure has become a species in danger of extinction, thanks to consumerism (via the heel off her shoe!). But, if you are lucky enough to have it not too many KM from you, the shoemaker can make magic thanks to special forms widens shoes, spreading his leather shoes a half size to a size larger!
I did not make that the shoemaker ‘I just close, I decided to search for a shop, where I bought a foam instead widens shoes. it costs about ten euro and you have to spray it inside and outside of the shoe and then put it into the form or the foot, preferably with a pair of socks. With this method, and a half after canister, are able to widen the shoe of about a half number.
And the other half number, you ask? No, in the end the mignolino I have not cut (although initially it seemed to me the best solution, heheh!). But I discovered, through the blog Scent of Obsession and some tutorials on youtube, that there is no cost and totally homemade method to enlarge the shoes of about half the number. Just put your shoes in the freezer. I swear, even I thought it was at the beginning a crazy thing, but instead really works. What do you need? A plastic bag filled with water, to be inserted inside the shoe, another bag to wrap the shoes, for the hygiene of our freezer and a night available for freezing the water inside the footwear. Madame et voila, les jeux sont fait!