Reach Web Developers Android Device Art Generator

Google continues to improve the Android Developer web site. If little more than one month ago he redesigned completely the site to make it easier to navigate its sections and learn easier to program with Androd now adds a new tool, the Device Art Generator so that developers can get images easily real Android device showing screenshots of your applications.
With the Device Art Generator developers can easily create images business to their websites and notes using the commercial imagery of the Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7. To do so just drag from the computer a screenshot in PNG format to the device in which you want to generate the image. The screenshot must have same resolution of the actual device.
Once fact will automatically create an image of the device with the screenshot of the application and allows to customize the image by removing or adding highlights and shadows. Google advises that images created from your tool not can be used as catch Google Play, since they are only there to directly put the screenshots of your applications.