Quechua Women's Shoes

How many of you are starting out or is about to pack your bags? What is the first thing a woman carefully selected before they choose clothes and accessories? Just shoes. Heels, ballet flats, sandals, summer poses several alternatives. But, as we all know, every time we can not bring the whole shoe together with us, to keep us company in the summer holidays and he always takes the horrible choice of the best pairs, comfortable, practical and casual, easily match the jeans and the elegant dress for sundowners on the seashore.

new for 2013, the offers justinshoes, with the right sandals, a single sandal, a thousand combinations!
I had the opportunity to spend an entire weekend with these beautiful and very comfortable shoes, and I really scrambled in every way: walking on the beach, hiking in the natural course of Torre Guaceto, night out, and have managed to make their exceptional figure at every opportunity. In short, a ubiquitous accessory for long weekends out of town.
But we understand what is the novelty of these multifunction sandals. In addition to the insole Essensole microfiber, so soft, anti-odor and with a silhouette that accompanies the foot causing it not to slip, but hugging him (I found an incredible benefit also regarding the posture), the characteristic is that they are interchangeable. Solved the problem of suitcase full of shoes, a day, a casual for the afternoon and an elegant for the evening. A shoe, three solutions. Blue, pink or camel, three beautiful colors, matched with any boss. These days I photographed the celestial model, sugar paper, a pastel color, perfect with linen garments, casual and cool with leaders in jeans. With uppers in the stock market and the desire to walk, I discovered the different uses that this shoe offers: the slipper version with the lace on the fingers to keep the loose that allows proper ventilation, suitable for long walks, trekking or even just to relax;sandal, which keeps the foot stable, also supporting the instep and making them ideal for shorter walks in place of the usual tennis shoes; and last, but not least, the slave version. Very practical and elegant also be worn with most long dresses, for peaceful evenings, for strolling by the sea.
The shape is very eye-catching, with a racing-inspired, but at the same time are delicate and fine, protagonists with any outfit.
The Switch sandal is really a sensational discovery, an inseparable companion, and a trusted companion for the daily routine.
I can not wait to try all the colors, one is the best. Quechua, an ingenious choice and a guarantee.