Qualcomm Announces an SDK to Optimize Android with Chips Snapdragon

Optimization, This is one of the major objectives that want the companies to sell terminals. But there is another link in the chain to make a smartphone that many came to overlook, and is the component manufacturer. They also have the right to give reasons that use its components, and this time was Qualcomm, which takes a step.
It is not the first that gives a service added to your components, being NVIDIA with its Tegra Zone for one of the greatest exponents of how games give reasons so manufacturers use their components. But this is one step more that support of games and now Announces something intended for developers, an SDK for devices with processors Snapdragon.
His plan is to launch an SDK for Android with the Snapdragon S4 8960 terminals, but it will be expanded to the rest of the company. This will help terminal manufacturers and developers of apps achieve maximum results of these chips, as the power and battery management enhancements.