Purchase Apps Grew 111% in 2016

Recently, a survey conducted by mobile analytics company Flurry of Yahoo, pointed out some very interesting data about mobile behavior in Brazil, and of course we were giving everything to bring you the most relevant information. Follow with us.
This is the State of Mobile study, which revealed some insights about the mobile applications in Brazil and in the world, in addition to trends identified in 2016 and predictions of what we can expect in 2017 when it comes to the mobile universe.
Generally speaking, the Flurry monitored 940,000 applications, at 2.1 billion devices – totaling around 10 billion sessions per day. Below some indexes that you need to know about allcitycodes.
– In 2016, the general use of applications grew 9% when compared to 2015;
-In the last year, sessions of messaging and social media applications have grown 70 percent in the country;
-Shopping Applications grew 111% in the total number of sessions;
-Despite the favoritism of category Games-darling of mobile-industry, saw a 10% drop in sessions;
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