Pulse Wins Web App with Microsoft Little Help

Who knew … The team of Internet Explorer developers collaborated with the Pulse company and the company Pixel Lab in creating web app Pulse, the one application that brings together the most important news and displays with a cooler look than many news sites there (which is not the case our site). Users of any browser have at their disposal a new website to access, add fonts and stay aware of the latest developments in science, technology, politics and more desire with a look very cool.
Microsoft says that the web app was made ​​from start to finish with HTML5, the fifth generation of the most basic web protocol. With it have interactive elements, photos that resize depending on the size of the screen, visual effects and more. The combination of these elements makes an interface is successful or just another vanity of worldly girl.
“The Pulse site is part of an encouraging trend that we have seen: companies that made ​​successful apps wish to expand to reach even more through the web without compromising the experience that consumers have become accustomed to love.”Words Ryan Gavin, general manager for Internet Explorer. The article that announces the arrival of the web Pulse app does a lot of praise for the Internet Explorer 10, the official browser of Windows 8, but the truth is that any modern browser should play well the resources provided for in HTML5 and implemented on the site. The company list Chrome, Firefox and Safari as compatible with the site, in addition to IE.
The easiest way that you have to log in Pulse is with the Facebook login. It has become a standard in many sites and applications, by the way. You noticed? We can not rest – it is important to keep an eye on the type of access that these applications ordering the social network that has privileged data from ours.
This Pulse interface to the web on PCs should work 100% on Windows 8 device with a touchscreen. After all, says Microsoft, all resources were also thought to the reality of who interacts with the computer using only your fingers and almost nothing of the archaic combination mouse / keyboard.
The Pulse is still accessible through app on Android, iPhone, iPad and e-book reader Kindle from Amazon.
Watch below the video release of the new Pulse website.