Pull-in Brand Underwear

To celebrate its 15 years, the pull-in brand of offbeat mixed lingerie held a Parisian event in order to discover his new concept shop. Modern gentleman was present, in the middle of colorful and stylish, the nose in the thong underwear.

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Facing ambient conservatism marked by the austere white/black/gray trilogy, pull-in hustled the codes of the underwear and privileged print inspired graphics, lifestyle and contemporary art. Created by Emmanuel Lohéac at the heart of the 1990s, pull-in does not skimp on the originality of the grounds and a walk in the shop just to understand the authenticity of the approach. French brand, french products, French quality, I know a Minister who should come and admire the cool boxers… or he must advise him!
Collections for men and women mature and now target a more mature, urban and follower of a style far from the greyness of the voted to Dad. Originality and singularity are guaranteed in a comprehensive range of lingerie: man gentleman and modern is entitled to his boxer, product of the brand appeal. The woman has many choices, from the BRA to the string, through the thongs.
The Paris store moved from 8 French Street to 13th Street Turbigo with a new concept and a new design. Two other shops are also underway in Paris. Sweater-in will become Pullin, the dash is sacrificed on the altar of sobriety and vitality. I don’t know about you, but it makes me want to make a visit to one of the brand’s Global 1200 dealers!