Proper Cycling Clothing

Abrasions, scratches or a broken leg. These are still the simplest and fast-healing injuries that a rider can pull himself up if he does not carry the right bicycle clothing.Of course, the one driver is the most colorful and tight cycling clothes better than the other. However, the security should be about the fashion sense in any case.
The correct and appropriate bike clothing need not be expensive and complicated. Often protect the simplest things from dangerous injuries. To a basic equipment should always include the helmet. In our head now once seated our most important organ, the brain. This should definitely be protected from injury.

Cycling Clothing – The basic equipment

Here helps a simple bicycle helmet, which is, conveniently offered at any good sporting goods store, now even available in many supermarkets and discounters. Buyer should be used must be appropriate seal and the perfect fit. The optics plays a subordinate role. But even here, the manufacturers offer for every taste the perfect color and design. If the cycling of physical training is to serve and is operated more frequently and extensively, then it is advisable to adopts complete bike outfit. These include, according to CyclingEnthusiasm, besides the obligatory helmet the matching cycling gloves, cycling shorts, cycling jersey, cycling shirt, possibly knee and elbow protectors and a weather cap, or bicycle poncho.

Cycling clothes for extended tours

Who is taking longer trips inevitably sweat. For this reason, all clothing should be absolutely breathable, because otherwise the resulting humidity and moisture collects inside the clothing and can cool the athlete easily and thus make you sick. As already mentioned, the appearance is always behind the safety and health. Many cyclists that frequently the bike use, struggled in the past with circulatory problems in the legs and feet. These problems occurred when the nerve connections affected by the long sitting on the very hard and small bicycle seats, were partially heavily loaded and even damaged. Here creates a specially padded saddle and bicycle pants quick and easy remedy. In the area of the buttocks special pads are incorporated into these shorts that will protect the nerve connections and get the circulation in the legs upright. By sweeping but very useful padding this Shorts remember a little to the rear of a duck.Bicycle pants should always very tight. Often shorts are worn. Wide trousers legs can very easily get caught in the bicycle chain and so also cause serious accidents.
Certainly cycling is not nearly as dangerous, such as the automobile or motorbike.However, the cyclists should make always aware that he is a participant of road traffic and is also treated by the other participants that. The bikes have become faster in recent years, getting better and especially. So the falls and related injuries are often heavier than in the past. A good and fitting bicycle clothing, but especially the helmet should nowadays belong to a bike as the belt to a car.