Pregnant Model Fashion Show

There is also pregnant Raffaella Fico six months at fashion week in Milan, and in fact, its presence in the catwalk has literally broken a taboo. It ‘was in fact the first time in Milan fashion week has seen a naked belly of that size … Honor to Fico, therefore, for helping to “clear” the pregnancy also at an advanced stage. If that were intended, in fact, now there is no longer strange to see bellies, even up to the ninth month, in full view thanks to short shirts or on the beach, no longer mortified by the old costumoni Maternity of concealing the ‘abdomen massive prying eyes bathers, is a different matter linked to glamor, style and fashion.
Apart from specific collections of clothing for expectant mothers, the “normal” walkways where they celebrate the luxury, fashion design and tailoring, you are seen parading only thin mannequin like breadsticks. But not this time. … The power of gossip pregnant Raffaella Fico, now, as we looked forward, gloriously the sixth month, there was duly proved in the summer, in the middle of the European football championships.
At the time, former gieffina had a rumored and turbulent relationship with striker Mario Balotelli, and their bean fell so the announcement of this stork arrival. Too bad the champion Manchester to take a responsibility so important no guarantees he did not have any desire, and so let it be known that he would do the father only after the DNA tests had conclusively established that own super Mario was the “culprit.”
As it turned out between the two, is the subject of gossip today. Balotelli has another flame, and Fico occasionally announces the name of the “true” father of her baby on the way.
We do not care about all these rumors, a baby is always be welcome, and so is his mother, who still will be expected to give birth and raise him. We do not know if the 24 year old Raffaella will be up to the delicate role of the parent that waits, but one thing we know for sure, in quality model in pregnant, it was really beautiful. Try Shoppingpicks for maternity costumes.
Very nice, indeed, radiant and Botticelli, as are often pregnant women, the Fico was chosen, along with the model (not pregnant) Petra Nemcova, to parade wearing the bikini brand Pin Up Stars. Costumes very low, as the White Triangle Bikini with printed the cute teddy bears, were certainly well exploited by the flourishing forms of showgirl. What about … beware of the photos, and take notes, because surely swimsuits Pin Up Stars will be snapped up for the upcoming summer season, also for pregnant women!