Pregnant in the Summer

Essential advice for vacation smoothly.
Now it comes to leisure time and the heat, let’s help her enjoy her pregnancy.
There are several procedures that can mitigate the unpleasant symptoms and allow experience this phase of your life in the best way, even with the thermometers at the peak.
The symptoms of pregnancy vary according to each trimester of pregnancy, but are not reason to stop doing what you always gave him pleasure in vacation time. In addition to drowsiness, nausea in the first quarter, are one of the most common drawbacks.

To mitigate, Jorge Lima, obstetrician, advises the realization of «small meals at frequent intervals». If the nausea is too cumbersome, said the expert, ‘ the doctor administer drugs antiemetics and facilitators of gastric emptying or simple».
Preventive strategies
In the summer, constipation and hemorrhoids also tend to be a bigger problem. However, Jorge Lima account, can be controlled if ‘ ingest at least two litres of water a day, consuming foods rich in fiber and if physical exercise, such as walking, swimming, water aerobics, bicycle and yoga».
In relation to varicose veins and swelling, accompanied by the feeling of heavy legs, we recommend ‘ walk, as well as the moderate elevation of the lower limbs, with the use of containment, elastic stockings and the use of manual lymphatic drainage», says the obstetrician.
Skin spots
Excessive exposure to the Sun aggravates the skin aging since, explains the specialist, ‘ there is an increase in pigmentation, more evident in certain regions of the body, especially the face, nipples, Mammary white line and vulva. This hyper pigmentation is more frequent in women of brunette complexion and seems to be related with the production increase in pregnancy hormone stimulating way of melanocytes ‘.
The best way to defend yourself is not sunbathing between 11 and 17 hours and use sunscreen with high factor. On the beach or in the pool, says the obstetrician, ‘ drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated and make frequent baths to allow cooling. The use of thermal water sprays is an alternative to this strategy».
Safe holiday
There are no studies that desaconselhem trips during the period of pregnancy shown by relationshipsplus. But that’s not why pregnant women should have a lot of care.
As a matter of comfort, the obstetricians believe that the period between 12 and 30 weeks is the right thing to do.
«It is a phase of pregnancy where the nausea and drowsiness are already more attenuated, the abdominal volume still not very disabling, the pregnant woman is agile and with capacity for extended trips and a few comfortable symptoms haven’t appeared on your fullness», explains.
Travel care
-Auto routes not recommended exceeding 6 hours a day and you might want to stop every 2 hours. The plane is, says Jorge Lima, ‘ very safe ‘.
-However, most of the airlines does not accept to carry pregnant women with more than 36 weeks gestation and requires a doctor’s note about the time of pregnancy and the absence of contraindications. Although not prohibited, the trips require a proper planning.
-Ask the obstetrician and put questions about the risks. Africa, Asia or South America are the continents which offer higher risk. In consultation with the traveller, shall be informed of the precautions to take before, during and after the trip, according to each country.
-If you travel by car, always use the safety harness, but never lie about the abdomen. The diagonal strap should stay in the Groove inter above the bottom and breast and uterine the tape horizontal around the pubis, the hip and thighs.
Travel by plane
If you travel by plane somewhere along the aisle or next to the emergency exits. Keep your seat belt fastened.
Before boarding and during the trip, ingest enough fluids but no gas.
In cases of venous insufficiency use containment elastic stockings.
When there is additional risk of venous thrombosis, evaluated by the obstetrician or in the case of journeys with more than 7 hours, approximately 2 hours prior to shipment, should make an injection of a low molecular weight heparin.
Ask your doctor what the most suitable exercises for legs and feet, during the trip.
What should take in your suitcase
-Pregnant health bulletin, duly completed by the attending physician
-Regular and emergency Medication
-Travel insurance
-International medical assistance document
-Contact the hospital/maternity and embassy/consulate at the place of destination
Pharmacy SOS
-Antipyretic and analgesic
-Hydration salts pre-prepared
Antimycotic cream
Text: Fátima Lopes Cardoso Jorge Lima (obstetrician)