Pregnant Can Live With Pets?

Yes, pregnant can coexist peacefully with pets.
It’s important to just have a certain caution, since some of them can transmit diseases that sometimes end up affecting the developing fetus.
Toxoplasmosis is an infection caused by a parasite that lives in the feces of cats and other animals and can cause vision problems or in other organs of the baby, according to oxfordastronomy. It is true that one can also get toxoplasmosis in other ways, such as by eating undercooked meat.
Anyway, to avoid scares, and if possible, you can ask another person in the House clean your cat’s litter box while you are pregnant.
Try also not to touch other people’s cats.
Salmonella and e. coli are other diseases that pregnant women can get contact with domestic animals such as dogs, cats, turtles and birds. Salmonella is a type of bacteria that causes food infections, often seriíssimas. It is rare that harm directly to the baby, but her symptoms–high fever, vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration–can end up leading to a premature birth or miscarriage.
Before you run off to donate your beloved pet, remember that vaccinated animals and treated well rarely represent risk to the family. Keep an eye also on general hygiene.
“Dogs can step on cat poop on the street and take home, which ends up becoming a focus of infection,” the obstetrician Daniela Maeyama, and Maternity Hospital São Luiz, in São Paulo. They can also smell the feces of cats on the street and taking in the snout, home, the microorganisms that cause disease.
Therefore, try to keep your House clean and airy.
Who has pulões dogs (and large), or “pull” on the sidewalks, must guard a greater impact in the belly or even to be taken down, since pregnant women naturally get a lack of balance.
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