Predator Fishing Tips

As good predators, these fish are hiding when they hunt in the places where their chances of success. If you can identify these areas, it will be easier to fish predators. Lomo! Perch? Black bass? Pike? In this article you will learn where find predators
In lakes, you’ll find the best positions for fishing Pikes. Like these fish to hide in the lagos to await their prey. Its environment preferred are them forests submerged, that can identify is with ease by the branches that stand out to the surface. Don’t hesitate to be thrown around there to provoke the attack of a Pike lurk. A spinnerbait is a lure that is excellent for this type of position. The palette of the decoy emits powerful visual signals that cause the attack from predators. In addition, the specific shape of the lure reduces the risk that engages.

Prospect the banks also may be interesting. You have to look in the submerged bushes, among the foliage and in any place that can serve to the Pike to capture their prey.
Don’t forget that the Pikes like to capture between the cracks, especially when temperatures are high and the surface water is hot.
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Predators was not like in the sunlight. The grey sky can be your best ally, take advantage of it!
Finally, if you have a port, polls close pontoons and boats because they are excellent jobs.
In reservoirs, Pikes like much deep areas throughout the year. When it gets hot, the Pikes go in search of oxygen, and when it gets cold looking for some heat.
Pikes like to place close to the shore, especially in jobs with obstacles. Do not hesitate to prospecting near the shore, under the branches of the trees, near the submerged branches, pontoons, etc.
In these places there to look for jobs protected stream, whirlpools, and dead arms but also put obstacles, such as plants, roots and submerged trunks. Also you can prospect the basis of bridges, one of the favourite places of the Pike. Read fishing tips on
The banks, like these fish much because they find shelter and food. Them trunks dead, the plants and the estate are places suitable for a prospecting. Indeed, love the white and small fish as predators (rutile, bleak) because they use them as shelter. Swimmer uses a fish type Dobson 60 also a flexible lure like Natori 3 or the Iwaki to cause the hidden fish attack.
Jobs with plants must also be prospecting. Try it several times.
With the rising temperatures, it is also possible to catch these predators on the surface, near their preferred environment. The attacks are spectacular and provide great feelings. Surface as the Murray or Buller Caperlan lures are especially suitable for this type of fishing.
In general, the period of the black bass fingerlings coincides with the start of season. Do not start fishing until mid-June for the fish fry to grow in the best conditions.
In Lake or reservoir? In a river or in a channel? These are the best places to fish this predator.
Pike feels comfortable in the elevations of the Fund and on the shore at nightfall. During the day it prefers deep areas and obstacles.
The Pike like to take refuge in depth to escape the light. When should eat, is directed towards them arms dead, them taught, the banks with shade…