Posterous Closes Its Doors on April 30

Another service goes to the black hole of the internet: the Posterous, blogging platform acquired by Twitter in March 2012, it announced that it will close by the end of April. If you own a blog on Posterous and like it, the recommendation is to back up all data before they are permanently deleted.

The Posterous was launched in 2008 and promised to be a blogging platform that is easy to use, without unnecessary features. He could never be as popular as the competitor Tumblr, but managed an average of 15 million active users per month. No one understood very well that Twitter wanted to do when bought Posterous, but the truth is that the service stopped in time and received no news since.
In the official blog of Posterous, the founder Sachin Agarwal suggests that users enterthe link and generate a backup of the content of their blogs, which can be downloaded in .zip. He recalls that services like WordPress and Squarespace allow the user to import content from Posterous.
You can also migrate content to the Posterous Tumblr through JustMigrate. Just enter your address Posterous, authorize the application on your Tumblr account and apply for migration. According to TechCrunch, you can move up to 100 posts for free – paid plans entitle to 250 posts (US $ 10) or 500 posts (US $ 25). The Tumblr API allows sending up to 250 posts or 75 photos per day; if you have a large Posterous, it may take days to be migrated.
Just be sure to do so until the 30th of April.