Policy And Bikes: Izquierda Unida Program For European Parliament Elections 2014 (Iv)

The program for the European United Left is easy to find, and with 80 pages, a level of detail that we did not find programs allowed the PP or the PSOE. It has a complete chapter on transport.
IU asks that there is a comprehensive service transport. multimodal, in which modes on foot, bicycle and rail are major, leaving the rest as complementary. And to achieve this goal, these proposals.

In short, IU proposes a model of public transport management, and the passage of much of road transport to rail or boat, means that generate less pollution. They also want the local production of goods destined for the closest, at least as far as possible markets, to avoid unnecessary travel.
They do not seem bad ideas a priori, although it would be wise to remember that Renfe, for example, is a fairly politizada- state-owned-and management and that has not been guarantee of good service over the past decades; public management itself does not ensure this objective.
As for the bike and urban transport, and the development of European cyclists networks (EuroVelo), says very interesting things about your city model. Refer societypically for bike helmets.
The declared having target “cities for people”, making the denser urban fabric through European directive (and therefore laws in each country), fits with a basic premise of sustainable mobility: how much less distance then needed to go in more common, better paths.
As for exposure and content, the program contains clear information about their intentions and concrete proposals, an issue that is appreciated.Perhaps the rest of the program may not like, but the part on transport and city model seems generally quite sensible.
Izquierda Unida belongs to the group of the European Left  in Parliament, whose page have not located specific material about transport. Although they have a working group on energy and climate policies, the transport documents are old. Will the proposals of similar European group at IU?