Policy And Bikes: European Parliament Elections 2014 (I)

On May 25 held elections for the European Parliament in 2014. In these elections will the composition of Parliament, which in turn elect the President of the European Commission.
In Spain these elections are living with a certain distance; in 2009 there was an abstention rate of 55%, indicating that the population should not be very interested and convinced of its importance. However, in Europe the European Parliament and the Commission written European standards which then determine the laws of each country, and have much power.European directives leaving the Parliament set standards for the laws of each country, and have influence on the regulations governing our daily lives.  It is estimated that between 10% and 80% of the legislation of the countries of the Union is marked by transposition of European directives:what is decided in the European Parliament matter much.

In this blog we have no political color or we will recommend the vote to one party or another, but we can make known what each party has in its program regarding the use of bikes, active and road safety transportation. Then they are decision makers you voting for the party that best match. (O abstaining, and therefore letting others choose for you, but that’s another story).
Surely the decision has not taken just under what they say about bikes, but as this blog is what is we are not going to get into shirts eleven staff. It is up to you to figure out the rest of the program each and decide.
Moreover, as transportation is an issue without too much presence, more aware of the economic recovery European agenda, and programs and manifestos are necessarily succinct, it is often difficult to know the position of the groups with respect to this topic simply reading their programs. we will contact them and ask them to provide us with more information,with no guarantee that they can or want to. However, we told them what we found.
If you know more details of the proposals of each party, please let us have in the comments.


According to the BOE, in Spain 41 candidates for this election are presented.We do not want to bore you , we will limit to summarize and / or link to the programs of the eight parties and coalitions, according to the CIS survey of voting intentions, would obtain representation in Parliament.
These applications are:

  • Popular Party,
  • Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party,
  • United Left,
  • Union Progress and Democracy,
  • Europe Coalition(CiU, PNV and Canary Coalition Commitment Galicia),
  • Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya,
  • We can, (link to the electoral program)
  • The People Decide (link to the manifesto, link programs EH-Bildu andBNG) .

If you are interested to read the proposals from other groups in Enbicipormadrid have the European Spring (Equo, Compromís, ChA and others), the Party Animalista PACMA, the da Terra Party and the Feminist Initiative.  Some of these groups include more concrete proposals and detailed around the active and sustainable transport, notably Equo.
In turn, each candidate will belong after some political group in the European Parliament. Each group usually coordinate all or part of its decision to harmonize; some groups have their own information resources and not others. The correspondence is not easy to find; several candidates belong to the same group, and some are not encompassed by either being newly created. However, we have found an image that broadcasts the PSC and seems reasonably understandable.
Since we can not all fit in one inning, we will go slowly, to complete the 8 matches. We hope to give us time to talk to everyone who like a bike light.

The survey of the ECF

Moreover, the European Cyclists Federation ECF has developed a survey for candidates for European parliamentarians from which follows that the next Parliament will be in favor of the bike. It seems very good news, but on the other hand, what is going to respond to a political campaign to a survey by the ECF? What they are not in favor of the bike? When come to power we will see if they keep their promises, that’s what it is.