Polaroid Zip In The Test: Conditionally Ready To Use

Polaroid of mobile printer zip can be back in the hand take snapshots of the Smartphone. But is the squirt? Our test reveals it.
Polaroid Socialmatic has can convince me in the test a few weeks ago. As a camera, she was too unwieldy and too expensive as a gadget. The only bright spot was the built-in printer that has reminded me, how beautiful is really to take photos in the hand. Shortly after the digital instant camera, the manufacturer with the Polaroid zip brings a mini photo printers on the market.
Mini Photo Printer Without Ink And Adhesive Prints
In the Pocket zip but not really fits the Polaroid 7.4 x 11.9 x 2.3 cm large housing, but weighing 187 grams, it represents only a small additional load in the luggage. Connect to the Smartphone is quickly made – unless you have enabled NFC and Bluetooth and puts your mobile on the photo printer is switched on. The two devices do the rest by itself, you have to click on “OK” only occasionally.
Polaroid Zip In The Test Conditionally Ready To Use-1

Previously, but you should slide the lid of the housing and insert the first ten Pack of 2 x 3 inch zinc photo paper. The acronym stands for zero ink, since it requires no ink or Ribbon. All chemicals necessary for printing are on the paper and be converted into the desired colors of the printer. As a small bonus you can also paste the 5.1 x 7.62 cm large prints. The back is self-adhesive, if you get off the protective paper without damaging the photo – what happened to me on the first try.
Now, these features are beautiful decorations, convince should the quality of the print. I printed out photos of various smartphones and even DSLRs with the Polaroid zip and have to say that I am not convinced the image quality of the prints on the ZInk paper. There is for example a forced-retro filter. The colors look without that I have selected a filter, such as photos, that stick in the photo album for 40 years. In addition, the prints are neither crisp sharp, particularly rich in detail and the occasional strip can be seen especially in large solid areas. Nevertheless, exude a certain charm to the deductions, are high but behind the prints from photo kiosks in drugstores and supermarkets.
Own App For Photo Editing And Photo Printing
Its own app for iOS and Android to the Polaroid zip. With her, you directly select a photo for printing or edited it. Here can you customize not only the focus and exposure, but also frames, filters and graphics select and paste and paint in the image. In addition, there is a secret view function. Then, the edits of the photos are only to see if the viewer with the app scans the QR-code on the withdrawal and, if necessary, enters the required password. In addition, you can create a collage of up to nine photos and print out business cards. However, the templates are useless and the data from the input form end up where they belong.
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In the application’s settings, you can also activate an automatic exposure correction and set the time period after which the printer automatically shuts off to save power. An indication to the battery life can be so difficult to make. But I have managed to print 40 photos, without having to recharge the battery in between.
Expensive Fun
The Polaroid zip Socialmatic is indeed cheaper than the Polaroid, but still around 130 euros and is thus not really cheap. The refill Pack with 50 sheets of zinc photo paper costs about 29 euro. You pay therefore for an expression – without the cost of the printer – 58 cents. Each trigger of a photo booths in the drugstore is not only cheaper, but also greater with an average 18 cents and is usually even better.