Plus Size Model Daniela Sesay Perfect Happiness, Heroes and Fashion

Plus size model Daniela Sesay in the second part of the feeling for form-interviews – many questions and many exciting responses!

What Do You Mean By “Perfect Happiness”?

Perfect there is no! But there are “pretty close”. Lucky meets friends every day in a variety of ways. Time in a happy couple which exchanging loving looks in front of me in the bus. Or if I help the elderly lady next door, carrying shopping bags, she rejoices in and you can see that the joy is genuine.Something makes me happy.
But I needed to understand what means luck, even very long. Fifteen years ago I became very young mother. My life was then anything but what others thought was perfect. So I had to get me my personal “pretty close”. One can live only happy, knowing how you want to live his life for himself and ignored the voices that try to talk up how it should run. And no false ideal behind Echeverria. It is perhaps a sad copy, but not to himself.

What Is Your Main Character Trait?

Honest open friendly polite humorous direct staff
It was asked only to a character trait. But writing all together, it counts as one 😀

What Is Your Most Prized Possession?

My – hopefully still – healthy body, my hard-to-love acquired self-confidence and ability.

What Do You Regret The Most?

I think you should have no regrets. Except the things where you had the chance to do it, but didn’t think it has to do. I’ve used every opportunity that I had. Time full of zeal, even somewhat half-hearted. If each individual decision was smart and well thought out, I dare to doubt. But even these decisions have made me the woman I am today. And I like me very much!

What Performance Are You Proud?

I’m a single mom of two girls. My first daughter was born, because I’m just turned 16. After six months, I went on to the school and made my secondary school. Of course, this was not easy, and without the support of my family I could not done so this.But I wanted to offer something my daughter. I kept more bad than us then with odd jobs afloat. So I tried yet again after ten years of training to make. I me again put to school with 26 and learned. It didn’t bother me that my classmates were all younger – it went to the target. Phew, school was never mine and accounting anyway. But I did it! And that while I was pregnant for the second time in the last year and had the crazy idea also again a licence to make fast. So it went all parallel: preparing for the final exams and for the driving test – all in the sixth month of my pregnancy. I did everything and I’m very proud of!

Who Are Your Heroes Of Real Life?

All people who live with love in your heart.

What Is A Temptation For You?

Tattoos. I love tattoos, it is rather difficult and not easy to convey in a model. But I hope that will change. It is already difficult to establish itself as a plus size model, but it has even tattoos it seems as if you are thrown back towards the half-won. But one thing is sure… it will come even more tattoos!

What Does Fashion Mean To You?

For me, fashion is a way to express myself. I’m a feeling man, me looking at it not just in the face, that’s not fine, but also my styling.

What Can You Cook Well?

I like everything I Cook. But I needed a second and third opinion on this question and my kids asked them what tastes the best. The answer was: spaghetti with tuna sauce!

What Would Be Your Last Meal?

Once “everything” and then nicely salted.

What Famous Person Would You Like To Meet?

The American actor Robert Downey Jr.

What Do You Most To Your Friends?

That they stand behind me, no matter what I and how I do it.

Briefly Describe Your Perfect Day.

I wake up in the morning not tired. The apartment has been cleaned up already completely by the children. Coffee is brewed and delicious meal is ready on the table. Then we drive a big round bicycle (without gripes) and the dog runs fine at foot (what he is rather rare). Arrived at home again, I think a NAP and the children don’t bother me. There’s delicious cake with Oriental cream after my very relaxing afternoon nap. Then we leave again somewhat, where everything runs totally harmonious. Dinner out unsolicited independently the kids to go to bed and fall asleep immediately – and in particular. I’m still a movie and drink a glass of wine. And if I’m not dead, I’m dreaming of it always still ;-D

What Is Your Motto?

Love yourself before you love someone else!
Thank you very much, love Daniela!
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