Plus Size Fashion

Today I have some tips for you on how to use the clothes to benefit your body if you think you’re overweight, more fatty and are dissatisfied with your body and think to hide unwanted parts is just wearing black. Nananinanão! I want you to know that you’re beautiful the way you are and just need a little help to get dressed because the rest I’m sure will be fine  Looking and looking at some shows, the fashion designer Isabel Toledo found these that recently did a with looks for the plus size mannequin and found it super cool and interesting idea to come here and take these tips to you because people always ask me what it is and the that is not good for a “chubby”. I especially love the compositions made in the parade and I chose super valued his wife’s body and you sometimes can’t even see that she’s overweight.
Now here’s a few tips for you:
1- Mark the waist makes the thinnest part of your belly and placing the focus there, as a result of a thinner air.
2- V-necks lengthen your neck and leave the most beautiful bust.
3- Use and abuse of the geometric prints and if use stripes use preferably the diagonals and verticals to stretch your body and make you skinnier.
4- Use skirts and dresses in the midi-length or just above the knee as we see in the pictures.
5- Look for flare pants and flared as they stretch you and make you more lean and high.
Don’t be afraid to use color, you just have to know to put the right way and use these tricks you’ll feel thin and beautiful. You can use the trends that most like and apply them in your style and body type.