Pictures of iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus 7 Pops up

Almost at the same time shows six photos up of the next iPhone and the larger Plus-model from three different sources that shows the new camera design forward.
The images of the upcoming iPhones, maybe-maybe not-called iPhone 7, pouring forward in these days. From three different sources shared that right now the images of what is supposed to be the next iPhones. They make us not only wiser, but also raises new questions about what is happening by design changes.
In recent months, there has been focus on two major design changes in future iPhones: the camera and the jack.

New photos show dual-camera speed

Apart from the new shared images, derived from respectively NowhereElse (Onleaks) and Weibo (first lookup and other postings), it should surely be able to conclude that the normal iPhone on 4.7 “gets a single, but still bigger camera, which results in that the existing cases will no longer fit.
If the resolution is changed, or whether it remains 12 megapixels, is still unclear. A major CMOS sensor comes in anyway, it sounds.
Two of the leaked images show dual-camera, which is believed to be used in the larger Plus-variant – and perhaps a Pro-variant, which also have been talking about. Here you can see the same design with a camera that sticks out and has a afskrået edge.
On all images of both iPhone models we see sanne camera design with edge, but it is also something that has been unclear information about.
Previous pictures have both shown that Apple keeps the current metal border around the camera and that it be integrated into and is completely flat with the back. Gradually draw the many recent photos in mind, however, that it will be with the chamfered edge and a camera that protrudes slightly out.
The images from the three sources looks directly out to be consistent in the placement of the microphone hole, LED Flash and antenna lines. It is, however, not in terms of the jack plug.

Great mystery about what iPhones there tank jacks

In recent months there have been a lot of conflicting information about what the future looks like for the jack in the next iPhones – and the confusion has not abated after the latest pictures.
Only one of the images from NowhereElse shows the bottom of an iPhone. Here you can see the 4.7 “big iPhone without a port to connect the minijack. Instead, there are more holes to speakers or other components. Out from the picture so that it suggests scrapping another jack in the smallest Apple iPhone, but it is contrary to the information supplied with the one image from Weibo. Here insists the source for the fact that it remains in the little iPhone.
From the second source on the other hand, the great seen Weibo-iPhone Plus variant with dual-camera.Here you can see the bottom, however, are not photographed, and it is thus not immediately to say about jack stays in this or not.
The confusion about which iPhones that get minijack and which ones don’t get is not exactly diminished after the many images that have cropped up over the weekend. There is therefore nothing more than waiting for either to more pictures cropping up, which can begin to draw a picture of what is made of the changes, or just visit the Apple launches the phones.