Photo Professional

Nokia has missed its first mobile phone with 2 megapixel camera a special Zeiss Optics. The N90 is a photo specialist, but also all other current features.
The multimedia features of the phones are always mature. The clamshell phone N90 is already to see that here the snapping in the foreground is the eye-catching and rotating photo box. Sure, one swallow does still have a summer-but the Carl-Zeiss lens maybe an excellent camera phone?
The test shows the investment has paid off – at least in the class of camera phones.Great video and display resolutions a great part also contribute to the top position of the N90-its bulky exterior less. Please visit the following pages all the strengths and weaknesses of the N90.

Digicam I: Of Strong Contingent

Undoubtedly, the 2-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens is the showpiece of the N90. On top of that is flaunted here with an improved video shoot – and rightfully so.
Optics and resolution
The rotating camera sits on top of the N90 folded to. The optics comes from the renowned lens manufacturer Carl Zeiss and has a lot higher quality than the cheap plastic lenses of the conventional camera phones.
The N90 shoots pictures with a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels (1.92 megapixels). Only the models of Sony Ericsson K750i and W800i offer something more with 1,632 x 1,224 pixels in the current cell phone ranking. Video resolution, the Finns, however, deliver the peak values. The N90 with the quadruple number of pixels in the CIF (352 x 288 pixels) format films instead of the usual quality of QCIF (176 x 144 pixels).
Camera features
Autofocus, so far reserved only a few models, worked well in the test, had however quiet threesome. The shutter release lag of less than one second is OK for a camera phone.
Macro mode and burst are new features in camera phones. Macro shots, you can move the object close on the Pelle. That worked just fine with the N90. In the sequence mode, the N90 shoots six shots in quick succession. Only at highest resolution, it falters slightly, we stopped for the series for five seconds. As for portrait and landscape photos, as well as a white balance (auto/manual) the N90 also provides you with scene modes. In addition the LED light, which brings even plenty of light in the dark.
What is missing? Despite the large dimensions of the camera box, Nokia and Zeiss incorporated no optical zoom. Who takes the loss of image quality in purchasing, can use a 20 x digital zoom.
Photo and video quality
The image quality although not particularly strong rises from the results of the 2 mega pixel camera of Sony Ericsson K750i which are also more than decent.However, the Zeiss Optics with their benefits. So the N90 photos on the edges are not distorted, color fidelity like us very much. See for yourself: click the image at right, see a photo taken with the N90 in original size.
Also the new number one shows but still, that in moderate light shot photos noisy work-with or without photo light. Then there is no visible focus. Here is with camera phones in general improvement.
Still applies: we have seen so far altogether better photo quality with any camera phone. We were extremely impressed by the self shot videos. Also here is that N90 new standards. Slight Judder can get over themselves, and of their own filming fun also powerful. Management sets Nokia Adobe’s “Photoshop Album Starter Edition” in the sales package, as well an editor program for videos.

Digicam II: It’s All About

Not only the camera rotates at the N90. In the half folded around the longitudinal axis rotate the shutter to keep so the phone like a camcorder.The indoor display acts as a viewfinder.
Including special keys
The whole rotating parts we had to get used to us only something, capturing the motives needed some practice. But the hurdles were overcome quickly.
Very practical: everything in the lot, is with flap and camera you can operate the N90 with a mobile phone via a joystick attached to the side of the unit. With the other, you use the two soft keys located above the display. The latter are automatically activated by the display folding and turning-as the camera function itself. By the way: Thanks to the rotatable digicam, video calls without a second camera are possible.
Auto photo mode
Cool idea for the snapshot: If you rotate the camera in the phone 90 degrees, the N90 is automatically in the photo mode. The small external display works then as a motif Finder. That worked well in the test, our device started fairly quickly the camera software and the photo was afloat in the box.
Drop and ship
The cell phone in the JPEG format stores the photos, an image file can be large loose 500 kilobytes (KB). But no problem, because nearly 90 MB free belegbarem square including supplied memory card (RS-MMC) of 64 megabytes (MB) provides the user with the N90.Who wants to use the Finns extensively as an MP3 player, must be retrofitted.
The direct shipping via email or MMS made no effort in the test. However the 2-megapixel images are reduced in size-fit for sending mail to the half in the multimedia messages (MMS) only VGA format (640 x 480 pixels). You can send your recordings but also, for example, directly via Bluetooth to other compatible devices or similarly equipped printers.

Multimedia, Phone: Diversity Without Vibration

Good MP3 player, many phone functions-just the vibration alarm we miss when the N90 painful.
Music and games
The stereo player plays MP3 and AAC files. The songs sound balanced using the supplied headset at computerdo, bass support is very good. Games were not installed on the test device, it had to be downloaded first.
Phone functions
Much more annoying than missing games: Like the Communicator smartphones vibrate lacks even the N90.Nokia’s comment: the delicate optics would rather poorly tolerated the shaking, the device make the technique even more difficult than it is already over 175 grams. An external aerial connection has been omitted as with all Nokia phones also.
Otherwise we missed nothing at the telephone equipment. So, the N90 has changeable profiles, an extensive address book, and tri-band technology. Work even speaker-independent voice dialing, and voice control, the instructions for functions are already pre-programmed. That turned out to be very handy in the test, because it prevented annoying recording procedures.

PDA Functions: Office To Reload

As a complete UMTS smartphone, the N90 also offers the business functions, which we estimate at Nokias 6680 or 6630.
PDA functions
The range of the organ ornamental with appointment management to the wallet function, with some password-protected save credit card numbers.
The Outlook Sync worked flawlessly. The transmission lasted from 1,000 contacts wired in test 6:23 minutes. Your computer supports the standard USB 2.0 as the N90, it might work even faster. We provide the exact result shortly. In total, the software of our test N90 worked quite slowly. So it took whopping 48 seconds of powering up to the ready.
You can not sync emails with the N90, and to read Office documents in Word or Excel format, you must download only the matching program to Nokia-equal the 6680 for example inside the package.
Data functions
The data exchange works via UMTS, GPRS or HSCSD. There is also an HTML browser, which you can use to search Not even Internet pages. The data exchange works in addition to the enclosed USB 2 0 cable via Bluetooth radio. An infra – red interface is missing.

Practice: Balancing Brummer With Super Display

Wow! The colorful display of the N90 supports legendary 352 x 416 pixels and points far East competitors to the courts.
Facts & figures
The display of the N90 is setting new standards for Series 60 Smartphones: four times as high resolution, has 176 x 208 pixels, photos act as razor sharp text and menu images. At this resolution, the display would have may fail but a total slightly larger – space would be available. But another problem weighs much harder: after you had the N90 in the hand for a while, every Smartphone display is grainy you. Only Nokia 7710 offers more pixel with 640 x 320.
In the battery test, the N90 truncates however less laudable. 2:24 hours it kept through a continuous conversation for strongest power – rather lower mediocrity.
Processing, keyboard
Much of the content, huge range! The N90 is a quite a block without question. With its good 170 grams and a length of eleven centimetres over, the model can be described not just as handy. But also can displace the photo specialist from the podium of our mobile hit list. As a further advantage, the high-quality packaged N90 can chalk up a good workmanship?
See also the large keypad and the five-way button. The side-mounted joystick was harder to handle something, is good to use with some practice. Repair Nokia when the shutter release button above the joystick should be: to enable auto focus press a half him – however was difficult to feel when this position was achieved on the test device.
Smart user guide
The N90 provides an overview of upcoming events or messages to users on the standby screen and lists the most recently used applications in a header bar for quick selection. This makes the navigation easier and gives overview.
At the test call there was hardly what to complain about. It might not sound slightly louder and natural-more. Even with the dreaded drop-outs when the mess of interlocutors had not plague around himself. The handsfree liked, however, only on the mobile page. On the Festival website, it was significantly harder to understand everything. Often, the syllables were cut off.

Conclusion: N As Number One

A thicker block has the delicate competition on the courts. Nokia’s first N model, the photo specialist N90, manages our hit list straight at number one.
In addition to ever more powerful sensors, photos Mobile phones need a high-quality look to really compete with digicams. Nokia has the N90 on the right track. The 2-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens provides the best Results, which we have seen with a camera phone. And, although the newer Sony Ericsson models shoot more than just ordinary photos.
The N90 can replace the ambitious hobby photographers still not the digicam, the differences are still too big. But Gelegenheitsknipser may quite as camera alternative considering the Nokia Smartphone.
With the very sharp and high contrast Display the N90 bashers and multimedia the new record of 352 x 288 pixels videos. One MP3 player There is also.
The buyer Gets a well equipped, also business grade UMTS smartphone with Bluetooth. Like also the good workmanship, we have the clever concept and the controls. Thus the N90 competitive prevails-in spite of the clunky case, the weaknesses in the battery test and the missing vibrator.
Who wants a compact mobile and UMTS do without, should the much cheaper Sony Ericsson K750i closer look at.