Perfect Outfit to Meet His Parents

What is the perfect outfit to meet for the first time the in-laws? Here are the tips to avoid mistakes outfit at first met with his parents and many examples of looks that inspire you for this important event. Skirt, dress, pants, shirt, high heels or flats? Follow our tips to conquer the in-laws at first meeting.
It is precisely at times like these that the saying “clothes do not make the man” leaves the time it finds, because, you know, don’t mess with the mother-in-law. Give a good impression at first glance is very important and a good starting point in understanding with his parents.
Essential to know what kind of evening go encounter: a casual dinner at their house? Fine dining in a classy restaurant? A drink in the city centre? The location and the condition in which you meet is the first aspect to consider to modulate your outfit.
Irrespective of the place of meeting with the in-laws, always bet on the class. Be refined and chic always pays! Be careful, though, does not mean wear a long dress to the foothills and a tiara from Princess, but be as simple as possible with combinations and not cheesy, with a poise that separates you from the rest. You can be classy even with jeans and a white shirt if you know carry them with style and personality!
Avoid plunging necklines for her first meeting with his parents because you risk looking like a vulgar woman who loves to show off. You prefer, instead, round necklines and little pronounced than not they mortify your shape, but at the same time, don’t they exasperate. If you choose a blouse just unglued, he also wears a scarf around her neck, leaving soft tips to cover just the breast. Similarly, avoid skirts that are too short, such as short skirts, showing her thighs excessively. A pencil skirt or soft, snug fitting skirt in corolla or Trapeze are perfect because elegant and opaque at the right point.
Even the shoes to wear when you meet the in-laws should be designed depending on the type of event and place. In any case, however, avoids vertiginous stilettos preferring a décolleté or a sandal with mid heel and comfortable shoe that won’t hurt the foot making you feel uncomfortable all evening. If you’re not used to wearing heels, opt for flat shoes like oxfords or Brogues ballerinas, simple and refined, perfect for walking.
If you like jewellery and accessories wear them as well, but be careful not to overdo it with too flashy jewellery and excessive. Don’t wear a whole set of colored gemstones, but try doing a light two, such as wearing a necklace and a ring or a pair of earrings and a bracelet. Always choose light elements and thin, easy to wear and match well with the colors of the clothes you wear.
Finally, don’t overlook the makeup (check at, choosing a makeup nude for her first meeting with the in-laws, perfect for giving the idea of being a simple girl and SOAP and water. Avoid a very colorful eye makeup, heavy and very coloured lipsticks pencils; Instead, light fixtures, wearing eye shadow a little eyeliner to enhance the look, a light pink blush and a lipstick perfectly clear, thus creating a nude look really classy.
In the gallery you will find a wide selection of examples of outfit to meet for the first time his parents that could inspire depending on the occasion and your personal style. Remember, beyond what you can wear, to be relaxed and easy never forgetting who you are and what you’re comfortable with yourself. If you feel comfortable you don’t have to fear anything, not even the most wicked mother-in-law and hard to conquer!