Painting Furniture for Vintage Look

Whether decorating a bedroom, a living room or any home, home furnishings are appropriate for vintage decoration, decorative style now fashionable, which readily combines with an eclectic style, bohemian, Scandinavian or traditional, among others.

Although up a room in vintage style
To create a vintage space in one room or throughout the home, it is important to choose your home furniture, including stores Gatineau furniture specialize in vintage decor.Otherwise, it will look in the furniture store, furniture made in an old style, retro, country, eclectic or Scandinavian style that is ideal for vintage decoration. The furniture should ideally have bright colors, clean lines and straight or rounded, old forms and if their materials are also classical, innovative materials may also be preferred for a designer style. Of course, space planning to decorate according to the vintage style requires to combine the furniture to wall and floor coverings and textiles to the appropriate decoration. So, to decorate a room in a vintage style, it will be important to combine a base color (gray, black or white), an acid color (red, brown, brown, etc.) and between two to three bright colors trend ( anise, turquoise, plum, etc.). Disseminated by keys, the basic colors are for example made by the colors of the coatings of the walls, floor or ceiling, colors acids will be made by the most imposing furniture such as kitchen or wardrobe and finally, the colors trends will be made here and there by small decorative items, decorative accessories and small furniture such as a coffee table, curtains or carpet.
Reasons to choose a vintage decoration
The decorative styles are as fashionable dress, they make and unmake the seasons, but it is not always necessary to follow fashion. So why develop its interior in vintage style? Because it is a safe bet. While some stand out old objects inherited from grandparents to force the vintage effect of their living space and allow them inside stand out from other types of interior, to have personality, a soul own, it is because the vintage style is based on home furniture antique, made in special forms, the opposite of all large chain furniture products. It is however not necessary to be a bargain hunter at heart to find beautiful unique pieces or character because in many circuits Gatineau Furniture distribution, it is now possible to find vintage furniture, traditional, old, retro or combining both vintage and design. Often sold much more expensive in a furniture store like that large chain furniture products, especially when it comes to vintage furniture made by leading Scandinavian designers, vintage furniture stand out for their uniqueness, their quality, their character.