My Favorite Red

I’m at a stage of Red lipsticks. Whenever I use beautiful! COF cof … Lol!

The truth is, a lot of people still afraid of (the) use and ends in the same pale tone ever. I was like that. Fan of nudes and Pinks of life. Until I tasted the famous Ruby Woo, M.A.C. and I saw the power of this, say “tool”. I don’t know if I had a good night’s sleep, if my hair was cooperating or if I hit in the production. The truth is that everyone praised. You know “wow effect” without work?  Continue reading My Favorite Red

Boho Decro in 5 Steps

It seems that the world suddenly decided to turn boho – and that’s great! Outside this weather means gypsy, half ethnic is already high for some time, but now finally the national brands are joining! And it’s not just trendy, not … If you see the word bohemian look out of this world, now you can take this style home. And in just 5 steps, look! Continue reading Boho Decro in 5 Steps


In the Alpine region of Savoie, integrating the largest area in the world “skiable” – known as Trois Vallées – is the famous Courchevel, the hottest ski season in Europe. Charm, sophistication, Haute cuisine, excellent snow and ski-in/ski-out make the station the winter destination most sought by celebrities and other personalities. Continue reading Courchevel

5 Tips to Escape the Blue and Pink Baby Rooms

Has baby coming in the family? His friend, asked on her baby room decor? It’s going to be a dad or mom? A child always brings joy home, that feeling of renewal right? And on days when we see so many discussions about what is boy and what a girl, it’s only natural that things kind of scrambled on our head. Continue reading 5 Tips to Escape the Blue and Pink Baby Rooms

5 Tips to Be an Expatriate Happy and Held

Increasingly I see friends, friends, brothers, cousins etc going to live abroad for a number of reasons (personal, professional, or both), and I know, from experience, that this is a new world full of wonderful opportunities, but sometimes can also transform into frustration. So, I loved the text of Paola Siviero, and decided to publish here the findings to inspire you, I dream about it and wants to make plans, received a job offer to live outside, will accompany the husband (wife, boyfriend, love …), or is just practicing to take courage. Continue reading 5 Tips to Be an Expatriate Happy and Held

Residential Electric Installation in a Simple and Practical

A good residential wiring provides a good functionality and also a saving in electricity consumption. All this enhances even more a building, causing the user to have a great return during the period of use. Continue reading Residential Electric Installation in a Simple and Practical

Lighting Design: Tips for Running and Importance

Lighting is an essential component to a building. Very wrong, who imagines that the lighting is restricted to bring light. Nowadays, in addition to your main function, it acts as the decoration of the rooms and the comfort of those who use the building. But, to ensure that these goals are achieved is important for a good lighting project. Continue reading Lighting Design: Tips for Running and Importance

Making of Damyller Winter

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to accompany photos of the 2015 winter campaign of Damyller and meet your collection first hand. I loved the invitation and the honor of being able to be a part of this experience – Miss monitor editorials. I love the atmosphere backstage, make, styling, photos …! Who accompanies me on urges saw- follow already! Continue reading Making of Damyller Winter

As We Were: The Fashion Was Glamour

2Seeing is believing. Knowing what we were is a way to honor our past and sometimes also lesson not to repeat the mistakes that were made. I love to rummage in the pandora’s box of publications for decades, and find gems, diamonds by my memory that now seem rough, but at the time were less polished. How and who was photographing the cover of Vogue-1950? Continue reading As We Were: The Fashion Was Glamour