NARS By Rafaella Christy: Make Work for Happy Hour

In our encounter with the dear Rafa Christy, makeup NARS official in Brazil, we were able to get several nice tips. In addition, Rafa makeup still Bia for two occasions, but turning a make in two:Make something more casual during the day, and make for the night, with a smoky look chic, perfect for a happy hour! Notes the hints that this tutorial was made for all of us that we run from work straight to those drinks with her friends. Continue reading NARS By Rafaella Christy: Make Work for Happy Hour

Findings of My Closet

Guys, this post is to show you some of my favorite pieces from the closet, not only by “beauty”, but the estimates, thanks to the history of each one of them. Are “found” even, which I searched in my travels and in mom’s closet. I love every one of them! I clicked on my new house, so you can see some of my corner. Continue reading Findings of My Closet

History in the Age of the Yoga

The stressful pace of modern life has led more and more people seeking relaxation, self-knowledge, wellbeing and health in the technique created more than 5000 years in India, Yoga. According to Yoga Journal, only in the United States there are more than 100,000 instructors and 16 million adherents. This practice has several modes. Continue reading History in the Age of the Yoga

Men’s Style Guide: Findings + Aramis

Here the findings we always give tips for women who read the blog, parts that can not miss in your closet, the best trends, how to dress for occasions. And it turns out that looks like the information sets is much more disseminated to women than to men, but only looks like, because here the men also have the your time! Continue reading Men’s Style Guide: Findings + Aramis

Tips to Organize Your Study Corner and Stimulate Concentration

Nowadays, stop and focus on a single task for more than half an hour is something that seems impossible. Is the phone beeping, TV , a thousand tasks on the waiting list, if shuffled priorities. We know what it’s like and, look, that’s for the worse. And funny that technology facilitates our life and, at the same time, let us more and more out of time. Continue reading Tips to Organize Your Study Corner and Stimulate Concentration

Emana: Jeans + Technology + Sets

One of the great things about my profession is that I have contact with many warm market news. The vast majority makes me super excited, but some leave me simply “amazed” and full of expectations. RS. That’s what happened when we presented Emana ®, last week. Is a new intelligent threads technology to jeans “cosmetic”. Bia Whaaaat?! I’ll explain, look at: Continue reading Emana: Jeans + Technology + Sets

Hot Spots: Ten Volcanoes that Are Worth the Trip

Feared and admired, the volcanoes inhabit the imaginary and the legends of peoples and civilizations throughout history. Nowadays, they don’t lost the charm and continue attracting attention – is the recent case of the unpronounceable Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland to world headlines in 2010, when your cloud of ash canceled flights throughout Europe and attracted the spotlight to the Scandinavian island. Continue reading Hot Spots: Ten Volcanoes that Are Worth the Trip

Madrid Guide

Guys, this post took a year to air (shame!), but as I wanted to do something completinho, you know how it is, right? Lol!

Some have followed my journey of new year’s Eve in Madrid in December of last year-the hashtag #achadosmadrid. Now do this post telling a little bit more about my programming and indicating my favorite addresses in the Spanish capital. Continue reading Madrid Guide