Versace’s Hair

You know that good natural hair that people are always commenting and inspirations here?

Well, that hair out of street style and ended up on the runway. And not just any show, no. This is the Versace.

Natural and with personality, this “hair” has everything to do with the brand, a little rock-and-roll, stripped, modern and clear loooong sexy. The glamorous touch, that can not miss on Versace woman, is the wet effect and with enough brightness. Continue reading Versace’s Hair

Tips of Firenze

The other day a friend, who was scheduled to travel to Italy, asked me some tips about Florence.

Wow, what a difficult task, see?! People who have spent at least a day in Florence knows how that city is special. And for me, with a husband Italian, a resident of a neighboring town of Florence and having lived there, I came so many fond memories. Ouch, Ouch! I didn’t even know where to start. Continue reading Tips of Firenze

Project of My Apartment with Juliana Daidone

You asked here it is! The video with my apartment before and after decorated. Hooray!

I moved in February to the new house, but it was only in July that started the decoration project of my room. After all, who drops everything and build another apartment that knows the expenses and headaches. Auch! Continue reading Project of My Apartment with Juliana Daidone

Coach Celebrates Partnership with Gary Baseman at Colette in Paris

The colette in Paris and the Coach Announces World preview of SS15 collection, developed in partnership with the Californian artist Gary Baseman will be in famous multibrand Parisian exhibition until the end of the month. A great tip for anyone in town! Continue reading Coach Celebrates Partnership with Gary Baseman at Colette in Paris

Chevron and Missoni

Explore the history of one of the world’s most famous prints!

After becoming a symbol of fashion in the years 1960, the Chevron, often known by the last name of your Creator, Missoni, came to be worshiped as one of the most beloved and popular patterns in the world. The famous zig-zag enchants us until today by the simplicity and the new footprint, being worshiped in the most different aesthetic expressions like fashion, design and decoration of the whole world. Continue reading Chevron and Missoni

Balconies Full of Charm

Get home, grab a glass of wine and take a rest on the porch looking at the city down, there is one of the best ways to finish a day’s work. Even more in summer. Want to know how to make this most beautiful and cozy corner, despite the small space available? Separated some legal and tips that can be put into practice soon, in time to enjoy the best season of the year. Continue reading Balconies Full of Charm

15 Wills of Fashion and Beauty

Strolling through the Pinterest, turns and moves I “pin” pictures on my sandwich fillings, but I understand that they are there and almost never on time that I lack inspiration.

Thinking about it, I wanted to make this post “loose” with images that made me sigh/wish to purchase, use or reproduce. Continue reading 15 Wills of Fashion and Beauty

5 Special Ideas for Your Weekend

To crown the intense holiday season, our 5 ideas for the weekend are for you to take care more of herself.

Of course, theoretically, the holidays serve exactly that – to relax, have fun, we have more time for ourselves. However, it’s not often that happens. Several times we fired for fun, with trip after trip, that willingness to embrace the world as if they were our last days of life. And it is exactly at this point that we ended up leaving aside some basic care with ourselves as healthy eating, skin care, get that hair out of the beach. Continue reading 5 Special Ideas for Your Weekend

Style Muse – Giorgia Tordini

Our style Muse of today runs a bit of street style standards current.

Let’s face it, these days what we’re seeing in the streets during the Week sets are not “real” personal, huh? Increasingly produced, full of affectation, many look like characters, nothing “style of the street” real. Continue reading Style Muse – Giorgia Tordini

Uruguay: Punta, Montevideo and Colonia Del Sacramento

Many accompanied me by instagram and could already write down some tips of places where I’ve been, but of course I couldn’t help but do a diary completinho not only addresses, but a narrative of my experiences. Continue reading Uruguay: Punta, Montevideo and Colonia Del Sacramento

Be Vegan

First, I want to make one caveat: with this text, I don’t want to convince anyone to be vegetarian or vegan. I just want to share my experience, my difficulties and discoveries, so who knows who is trying to help or would like to follow this path and make you less lonely. Continue reading Be Vegan

Top 10: Destinations that Will Be Trend Among Travellers

Specialist in advance trends in custom tourism, Teresa Perez Tours launches your long awaited list of destinations that promise to be the hot spots next year for travelers in search of new experiences. Search result of their travel consultants of high standard, the top 10 shows countries like South Korea, Botswana, Iceland and regions such as the Caucasus and the brazilian Amazon. Continue reading Top 10: Destinations that Will Be Trend Among Travellers

Forever 21 in the Gardens

Guys, yesterday I was in the VIP launch the store Forever 21 in the Gardens (Rua Haddock Lobo, 1550) and I was surprised with so much linda! Had already visited once the Mall Morumbi shop a few months ago, but is super out of m. So I was happy to have a new address around the corner from home. And a little apprehensive, too, because he’s a danger to my bank account. Many cute pieces super affordable prices.  Continue reading Forever 21 in the Gardens

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas coming up and that will to win all the gifts for which sigh all year, right?

Thinking about it, I selected some items to my Christmas wishlist and invited Bia Costa and Cris Girardi, both my arms here in the findings to also share with us your choices.

Curious to see the style of each well marked on your selections! I’m sure with some of us you will relate. Come on? Continue reading Christmas Wishlist