Wedding Cake Polka Dots

Wedding cake polka dots, the most original ideas for a unique wedding cake that will leave your guests speechless. Let yourself be carried away by the imagination and choose a wedding cake artistry and original, with many balls. A custom creation tailored according to your tastes and prepared only with fresh ingredients and first choice!

The cake for your wedding is a very important detail to make your day special. Will be the protagonist of the banquet of sweets and cut must be absolutely in the foreground. There are many ideas for wedding cakes, original and creative. You can be inspired, for example, to the masterpieces of World Pastry teacher: Peggy Porschen cakes, but that does not create true works of art to make your special day. First make sure to match the style of your wedding cake perfectly. Continue reading Wedding Cake Polka Dots

AVA Fashion Brand Lingerie

It is licensed to produce high quality lingerie. The company was founded in 1988 and at this stage can boast impeccable reputation. For this purpose Ava continues to use only the best quality materials and in addition creates amazing models – standard and classic cuts, varied colors and interesting decorative items. Most often, Ava’s products are lace knitting and accessories company cherish worldwide.

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What to Prepare for Trekking

For those of you who want to purchase your first piece of equipment going here a few tips. To buy the equipment you need for mountain trek can go on a slant. Much you could borrow from someone you know, and it is a good idea. If you are not going to walk again, or for the foreseeable future, so it’s silly to buy a lot of expensive. But do you know that this is something you want to bet on, it is my recommendation that you committed to buy stuff with high quality.
To shop for the most part in open-air stores that specialize in the area can be a way to get good consumer information. Dealers are often the users and to provide information outside expertise combined with service experience. Staff in specialized outdoor shops usually do not impose on customers unnecessary/bad stuff, they are generally more focused on helping customers to get their hands on the products they need. To check various products on the internet is also a good idea. Reviews and tests, preferably from more than one source, usually able to give a good image of quality and performance. Outdoor magazines such as STF’s Tourist and Leisure magazine Utemagasinet contains periodic tests of products, and the latter magazine gives regularly out specific numbers of tests of large quantities of products, both new and old. See Besteducationschools for camping sleeping bags.

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Wedding William And Kate Middleton

There are less than twenty-four hours from the marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton and the fashion world is abuzz about the name of the designer who will dress the future Queen of England. If the name of the designer wedding gown is still top secret, but we know who will design the headgear that the lovely Kate will wear tomorrow at his wedding. It will be Philip Treacy, the king of hats, which already has designed for her headdress in the picture and has signed some of the most extravagant hats that have ever been seen by Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker. Continue reading Wedding William And Kate Middleton

Royal Wedding Rings Collection

Missing only two days at the wedding of the year and fever Royal Wedding rages everywhere, even infecting the fashion houses and brands. Are many brands that fact at the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton have created limited editions and commemorative capsule collection. He ‘also the case of Toy Watch, Italian watch brand for the royal wedding has dedicated its iconic model with the dial decorated with the Union Jack, the British flag. Continue reading Royal Wedding Rings Collection

Belen Rodriguez Wedding Dress

The butterfly of Belen Rodriguez tattooed groin continues to cause controversy, after turning on the minds yesterday, now is the showgirl Argentina to have its say! Belen admits that he exaggerated, but to have realized only as he descended the stairs to get on the stage Um … can you believe it? Possible that the seductive slit in the dress was not noticed before? Belen wore the suits Fausto Puglisi on other occasions, but this was just too much! See Iamaccepted for maternity wedding dress. Continue reading Belen Rodriguez Wedding Dress

Charlene Wittstock Wedding Dress

Charlene Wittstock yesterday wore a beautiful dress Chanel for the civil marriage ceremony with Prince Albert of Monaco, the beautiful bride wore a dress very simple and chic organza and chiffon blue, an outfit stylish and chic.Charlene Wittstock is a really beautiful girl, only 33 years old and without a drop of blue blood, has the demeanor of a true queen, despite the years of the national sport, and swimmer of South Africa is graceful and beautiful, in short, really perfect. Continue reading Charlene Wittstock Wedding Dress

How to Maintain Leather Handbags?

True, with time, it becomes gray, but he would prefer fresh air as long as possible.

It pampers.

After purchase, is sprayed with a suitable (always clear) on the bag, at least 30cm away, not to create a halo. Once is enough, but even waterproof, it avoids making him (too) take the rain. Like the sun, he fades, it does not let in the rear window of the car … We do not cling to the radiator or nearby. It also makes sure that our raw denim, the unfixed dye, do not bleed on the bag, especially if it is clear (as in the case of color transfer, there is unfortunately much to do).

We clean every day.

It removes light soiling with a damp clean cloth and a little soap before letting dry in the open air. One can rub it with a clean cloth or cotton wool soaked in cleansing milk. On suede or nubuck, you pass a white gum or a suede brush. On the varnished leather, damp sponge. If grease stain, immediately sprinkled with soil Sommières. Big cat (like cat pee) is spun to a specialist leather …

To be beautiful long.

They are fed with natural leather balm (Renapur, 100% natural, in addition, enhances colors). To prevent the crackle varnish, it massages the leather with glycerin or petrolatum. Finally, to protect it from light, humidity and dust (which can be abrasive), it is put in a bag when you do not use it for long.

[Review] The Sonzera That Aquarius Acqua Rock in Rio Can Do

Comes from Rio de Janeiro and with the stamped Rock in Rio, the great musical event that for decades brings internationally renowned bands the carioca capital (and … uh, Lisbon?). One of the boxes of cheaper Bluetooth sound, probably more sold in the country. Often available at retail for under $40, the Aquarius Acqua Rock in Rio is good?

Of course not, but I think no one expected this from such a cheap deal, right? The immediately superior products cost at least twice; the more established brands such as X50 Logitech, lucky are found for $150 has to be some demerit a competitor that costs so much less.

Incidentally, that same box is easily found in Chinese stores, those who ship to anywhere in the world without charging freight, with the only difference that we do not have the brand “Rock in Rio” – which, depending on your relationship with festivals It may prove to be an advantage. This leads me to believe that the work of Aquarius or is to put together a project bought Chinese or just to import, locate and branding of Rock in Rio.

Regardless of what is and the obvious limitations of the product, is a decent job. In addition to the manual in Portuguese and good teaching (despite the “excel the button” lost there in the middle), the price at which it can sell the nationalized speaker is noteworthy. In many instances, becomes lower than charge in Chinese stores. On the day I write this the Chinese original appears for R$35 at Deal Extreme. In stores B2W (American, Submarine) it usually reach $39, sometimes up to R$29. China Business!

The speaker Bluetooth Aquarius Acqua Rock in Rio (or without Rock in Rio, in the case of orange model) has many positive highlights. In that matter, the sound, you can not say that it is good. Has 3W of power and even manages to fill small rooms, but the songs sound quite muffled, lacking detail, the bass is negligible and the feeling is that it is little better than you would hear the direct sound from the built-in speaker your smartphone. (Depending on the smartphone, I suspect that until the quality is better.)

Connectivity is quiet, like virtually all Bluetooth box type. A nice touch is that when you turn it on, a woman’s voice, speaking exactly right Brazilian Portuguese, gives clear instructions to the user about what to do. Just watch out the fact that you need to enter a password (0000) during pairing.

Product design is simple whole. The sound output is down, not at the top, where are positioned five buttons – on/off, play/pause, forward track/increase the volume, back track/decrease the volume and answer calls – and the LED which switches between the blue and red colors to indicate battery level and status of the box. The base is actually a suction cup. That’s cool because Aquarius Acqua is waterproof (with a name like that, if it were not surprised).

I used one model Rock in Rio in black for a few days. It’s kind of depressing sound, but breaks the branch – and this expression, “break the branch,” sets the tone of the Aquarius Acqua is proposed or can be. One cool thing is that it is hard in the fall. I do not know if for my incompetence or failure of the suction cup, my unit fell twice on the ground from a height of ~ 1.50, and still continues to function.

Autonomy, at least in my tests, hit upon the promise of Aquarius, ie three hours of audio. In the box comes a very short USB cable that serves to recharge the box on a computer.

If you are willing to spend a few bucks to improve the quality of music they consume, save a little more and get a better box. Previously my statement would be the MD-12, Nokia , but it was discontinued long ago, even before part of Nokia be sold to Microsoft. Today, Logitech X100 and her younger sister, X50, are immediately cheaper and certainly decent to have. It costs more, but it is a difference that is justified.

Aquarius Acqua Rock in Rio is part of a family. Besides this box, Aquarius also sells in-ear earphones and headphones, the first routinely sold for less than $10 Do not tested, but not to expect much. These products can be great Secret Santa gift or, in the case of Bluetooth box, something to drop in the bathroom if you short soak up the sound of your favorite music. Nothing more than this.


Wall Decorations for the Kitchen

Current design requires that we look at the modern kitchen as a place of maximum sharing for the whole family, inviting to cure every corner the balance between furniture and usable space, including furnishings and most useful tools.

This is a new concept compared to the past.

Tradition has suggested us to look at cooking as a rustic place, where prepare and eat food, where it was necessary to keep handy tool closely linked to the table without finding a full complement and other useful items to customize this setting.

The only decorative element of the kitchen more classic style, we find him in the wall tiles, where depending on the tastes of the landlord were represented various elements (flowers, fruits, cups, plates …), all still very tied to its size rustica.

Nell ‘ modern furniture, the kitchen tiles disappear, or at least are preserved, for cleaning reasons, only sight with stove and sink, and the traditional decorations on tiles are replaced with original sets wall stickers.

On the wall above the table, on the wall on which rest the lowest furniture, wall where the refrigerator is installed independently, wherever they are exposed, these modern wall decorations are very useful in the kitchen to bring a breath of fresh air, a twist It is funny.

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What to Take in a Backpacking Trip

This article will provide advice and information to anyone who thinks Loofah around with a backpack. The events told as an example, when I was out there and luffade around in Malaysia and Thailand with the family in the summer of 97.

So you’ve decided to embark on a journey with the backpack? To travel around like backpacker is the best field if you want to experience the country and the people there. You would just relax and enjoy Sun and beach so it is recommended that you take a charter.
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How to Make a Pest Control

At certain times of the year it looks like the insects appear to mount, and this is very annoying, because imagine appear cockroaches, spiders, rats and other insects. Of course no one wants these insects in your home, a good pest control in your home, will be the best option.

The arrival of summer and rising temperatures, the increase in insects is normal, and they must be exterminated with correct products and specific to each case, if used incorrectly, can bring risks for you and your family.

Currently we find thousands of products available in the market that are fighting the insects. Always remember that most of these products have in their formulation a dangerous chemistry, so you should always protect yourself with gloves and wash your hands after use, save a few products that are water-based, but still be careful.

To Eliminate the So Hated Cockroaches

In the market there is some little boxes that have goals to attract cockroaches, so after we ingest the poison, end up contaminating other insects of the nest. Put these baits in hard to reach places such as under the fridge or cupboards, but never with personal items. The biggest advantage of this product is that you have no physical contact with the poison. Change the box every 20 days.

Aerosol for Insects

The famous aerosol is used to kill insects, such as mosquitoes, flies, mosquitoes, spiders, and even cockroaches. The problem with this product is that it can put your health at risk in some situations and should be avoided by people allergic or with respiratory diseases. When using take care of your eyes and after use wash your hands thoroughly. Never apply against the wind, as the venom can go back into your eyes.

To Kill Rats

To combat the rats, the rat poisons are found in supermarkets is are very efficient, they take a few days to kill rodents and not arouse distrust in the group, and are properly recorded and safe when used correctly.

Baits should be placed in spots where the rats were observed or where no visible feces. Where the bait was partially or completely ingested due to double the amount of rat poison and repeat dose every seven days, until the bait stop being food. Once ingested, between three to seven days, the mouse will die anywhere, so very careful with children and pets.

If any of this options can finish with your problems, the way is to hire a company specializing in the subject, because they are often used these methods and they can control the pests, a company specialized in pest control will surely do the trick.

Calzedonia Swimwear New York

But he had not given birth just two months ago? How do you get back in shape so dazzling in time for the summer season? And ‘an unspeakable mystery to be supermodels. The fact is that the new advertising campaign of the collection of swimwear Calzedonia, boasts as the face, for the second year in a row, the beautiful supermodel and new mother Gisele Bundchen who, after having given birth to little Benjamin, had with her ​​husband, the sportsman Tom Brady, it must be getting back into shape in a hurry to be ready again for the beach, and that result! Continue reading Calzedonia Swimwear New York

Minimalist Apartment Decorating

Looking for new styles to decorate your apartment? So how about trying the minimalist apartment decorating? Here you will find beautiful photos to inspire. This apartment of the images below has as main feature a contemporary, minimalist style. The wonderful Russian designer Alexandra Fedorova managed to leave the environment well-lit and highly elegant. The color palette chosen by designer kept the neutrals (white, light grey, etc.). The dark floor gives a contrast to the apartment.

How to Decorate According to the Minimalist Style.

After all, what is minimalism? The word refers to a series of artistic and cultural movements that were part of various times. XX. Within the world of decorating the minimalist movement has become strong tendency and is a great option for people who are perfectionists. What is the main characteristic of this style? “Less is more” (as the famous German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe) and only the essential make up the environment.

So, how about putting the minimalism in your home? For this it is necessary to throw away everything that is not used. Let the environment only what is necessary. The minimalist apartment decorating pantry textures and patterns. The style put first the functionality when decorating. Don’t forget that the functionality is one of the main elements for a minimalist decor. So, make a list of items that are no longer used and throw away. Inside is only indispensable decoration.

This style of decoration in addition to let the warm and well decorated, also assists in the organization of the apartment. After all, nothing is better than a well organized environment, isn’t it? Therefore, decorate the place with only the essential. Never forget the principle “less is more” when it comes to decorating.

Do you still have questions about how to decorate? Check out some ideas below and understand more about the subject.


Triumph The Triple Collection

Triumph shows us the latest news of his underwear collection dedicated to the cold season autumn winter 2013-2014, a line again this year full of models and coordinated for everyone and especially for all of the modern woman. The Triumph underwear collection for winter provides for seductive garments, romantic and refined, but also coordinated sporting or articles devoted to new mothers, not to mention those made ​​for a younger audience and jaunty. Continue reading Triumph The Triple Collection

You know Where to Make Your Diving Baptism?

Diving : An Activity with Story

Don’t know what to offer as a gift to your children? Have a friend that wants to overcome their fears in the underwater world? How long does not surprise your better half? How about a baptism of diving with the help of the best in the area? Since earliest times the trips to underwater world assume an important role in the life of the human being in search of resources or for the simple pleasure of meeting the maritime nature in its full splendor. This need, the companies linked to the diving and equipment offerings, courses and activities, to feed the taste by sea. Our site is an entity with credibility nationally and internationally, which has the support of recognized bodies specialized in diving courses at the highest level (PADI), with extensive experience in the market to help you in your baptism of diving. Contact us by email: or go to . What are you waiting for?

What It Takes to Make a Memmo Diving Experience?

The baptism of diving will be probably the most enriching experiences that you can have in life! Stimulate the taste for sea and alert to the underwater nature. An activity of this nature should be accompanied by diving professionals and all the physical conditions and materials to make you feel safe and satisfied. So, there are many services we have to offer! The hull Antigua can make your baptism of diving with just a couple of classes distributed by two mornings. After a theoretical class, it follows a practice in the pool, on the premises of the shop. Here you can also see all the articles and equipment linked to the world of diving. The other class will be carried out in sea, Portinho da Arrábida. There’s a lot of will to live sensations? So, do not wait, do not wait. Perform your Memmo diving experience and know already the wonderful world of underwater life. Contact our diving school in Lisbon, by e-mail:

What Should I bring? What do You Offer Me?

Your kids have more than 10 years old? The time has come! Congratulate them with an unforgettable activity as is the baptism of diving in the company of the most ordered and certified in the area, our diving school. You don’t need to bring equipment, as this is made available during class at no additional cost! Also no documents required to make your registration. This unique underwater experience offers a safe and still carries a paperback original in Portuguese and international recognition certificate PADI Discover Scuba Diving. In addition to all this, you can count on the sympathy, the experience and personalized service from our staff and diving professionals. To take a step so great in life, you don’t have to worry anymore!


Dresses Bridal Jewelry

Wear a wedding dress with jewel is a choice of precious and elegant style, perfect for girls who dream of a wedding in the large, to crown their dream of love as real princesses. The jewel dress is a very common trend in new collections of 2016: if you look crammed with sophisticated décor and chic, you will not be disappointed, designers around the world have indulged with rhinestones, embroidery and beads, with bright clothes and processed, treated in detail. Bodices, skirts and décolletés will be able to replace accessories such as necklaces, for a radiant look.

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Halloween Wreath Ideas Front Door

The gums are a symbol of festive mood. Usually them decorating the doors of their homes to adorn and remind occurring holidays. One of the most diverse options is Halloween wreath – he is a real person on the nature of the day that symbolizes. Skulls, skeletons, spiders, snakes are traditional ideas of creating this impressive accent. Fun are models with color shades, shiny ribbons, orange pumpkins and creepy bats. All black and orange are the two most frequently used colors in the creation of a Halloween wreath. Many spectacular stand, however, and neon accents of blue, green and yellow. Will will form the decor of small silver skulls or glowing buttons in the shape of eyes, the effect would be deadly. A good idea is sound and gothic – black and white tones and interesting interpretations of tulle and netting. Save the nature of the day underline the symbolism of the holiday invested maximum imagination. If you need ideas – they are in front of you. Trust the design skills of the professionals!

Fashion and Faith: Cross as Fashion Accessories

Necklaces with pendants, crosses were always a part of classic jewelry and gave luster and appeal of clothing worn by. Recently we have seen a return to this trend, decorate necklaces with crosses.

They are simple and beautiful, available in a variety of sizes, materials, designs and lengths, so there is no problem to reconcile with which specific dial outfitem. Pro casual wear crosses in small sizes either silver or gold tones. These necklaces with pendants can be worn essentially any clothes on a daily basis.

Maybe even a fashion icon Kate Moss was recently spotted with a cross on his neck and gold rings and in casual clothes such as jeans, a plain shirt and a light sweater. Also, Heidi Montag shows his faith by wearing a chain with a cross together with a light Tope and jeans in your everyday wear.

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Trendy Sturdy Shopping Tote Bag

For spring summer 2016 don’t miss the shopping bags, nice and roomy and especially ideal for many occasions.

If the small handbags or minibag, are among the must-have of the moment and have a large following, women who must stay out all day for work or errands much prefer larger proposals, within which put everything you need. And even more. In short, among the trendy bags in this spring/summer 2016 include the shopping bag.

Why continue to collect all this success? We have already revealed: these creations are very large, so they may contain what you need, so that you can go to school or university and riporci notebooks and books. They are great for work, especially if you need to bring documents and folders, and, anyway, I’m always more glamorous and sophisticated, so why not choose them to others?

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How to Apply Makeup Blush Properly

We love a blush, is to give that healthy coradinho, to fine tune the face or even to simulate a summer Tan, the fact is that, for one or the other end, we don’t dismiss this produtinho, isn’t it?

So, did you know apply blush in their day to day of these 3 different ways? Each application has its purpose, and that’s what we’ll show now, three different techniques to apply blush using tricks of makeup, to make your face more sexy, thin and happy.

Learn How to Apply Blush for 3 Different Effects

Well, after prepared skin, because as I’ve shown here, the finish is always more beautiful with the face properly prepared. Before or after make-up the eyes as you prefer, it’s time to apply blush.

Healthy effect

As we speak here on the Site of beauty and fashion, make smooth is on the rise, and of course, the blush just following that line, super healthy, looking like you just exercise and was coradinha.

So it ends up being called to make fresh, healthy, or to the natural, that is a little more subtle, follows this line, lending the woman a healthier air, however, natural, almost no one realizes that she’s blush and, believe me, despite the tone of pink blush on the cheeks, be he ends up raising the look and leaving your face healthy and happy.

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New Fashion of the Stars

No Poo is the new fashion stars to brush your hair without shampoo. A choice of ethical beauty that, at least in some cases, avoiding ruin the hair and skin, replacing the classic shampoo with natural products DIY alternative solutions free lotions or foamy.

It’s a new trend that lets imagine that behind the most beautiful heads in the world of music and entertainment there is apparently a “don’t care” hair. Impossible, but apparently its true. “No Poo”, or “Low Poo” limit in case shampoo is deleted completely: here is the trend that in recent years has gathered supporters among celebrities who between bloggers and journalists that the wash hair without shampoo they made a sort of ethical choice, although the reasons may be different. Continue reading New Fashion of the Stars

Shopping in Perfumery: What to Buy at Sephora?

Feel like shopping in perfume? We selected the best new Spring Summer 2015 presented exclusively at Sephora: we are sure that more than a few come to the right product in your shopping cart!

We discover in detail the new entry of the most loved brand!


We start now from the new collection make up made ​​by Sephora for Summer 2015: born from the union of two creative international designers, the make-up Craig & Karl line energy oozes from every pore, with a mix of vibrant and cheerful shades and geometric decorations from pop style.

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