The Merger of Telia and Telenor Mobile Network Continues

Hobro and Viborg, Bjerringbro have enhanced their mobile coverage, when Telenor and Telia in the night was finished putting the 3 g network together.

Telenor and Telia were last night finished with, putting their 3 g mobile networks together as yet another link in the nationwide network aggregation.

This means that many residents will experience fewer dropped calls and will be able to go online with their smartphone far more spots both indoors and outdoors.

-“With this part of the network amalgamations will our customers experience a great improvement on the 3 g coverage, our site. by fewer dropped calls and improved internet connection on your phone. It is because we have gotten significantly more cell towers in the area around the three cities. URF.eks. we have more than doubled the number of cell towers in the area around Ipswich. These are improvements that usually takes 3-5 years to achieve, “said our site network Director Richard S. Continue reading The Merger of Telia and Telenor Mobile Network Continues

SMS a Scent

Technologically groundbreaking or crazy meaningless. You can now send scents through sms.

And already here we’ll stop the fastest squirrel in the forest among our readers. For no, just as there is no app that makes your iPhone waterproof or transform your monitor into a cooktop, so can your smartphone not eject other scents, than those your fingers or very alternative storage locations has left on it.

On the other hand, your smartphone connects to the OPHONE, a fragrance cylinder, which at present can broadcast up to 320 scents.

For as to get some perspective in the madness, so is OPHONE Havard professor David Edwards and created by a few students. For daily researching he among others in taste and smell perception. Continue reading SMS a Scent

Feyenoord vs Ajax Head to Head

Despite being forced to surrender the title to Feyenoord this season, Ajax still dreaming for beautiful moments of the season.Each victory in the Asian Cup a nice boost for missing the title, winning Europcup In the final against Panathinaikos had our dream come true. The dream was this season continues.Everything was literally Ajax. Word came lose only once in three games competitions this season.

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ASUS: “Smartwatch” Is on the Way

President of tech-company ASUS confirms that there will be work on a “smartwatch”, really should replace the wristwatch.

The company behind alternative products such as transformer Book Duet and Padfone, are now ready to take on yet another market, as they can put their particular stamp on.

The market for so-called “wearables” (the gadgets we can wear on the body) is in rapid development and all the manufacturers seem to would come with their very special offer on the portable gadget, we can not do without. Continue reading ASUS: “Smartwatch” Is on the Way

Facebook Serves Well on Smartphone Users

Facebook is experiencing growth in earnings and more use the service on your phone.

Evil tongues mean that Facebook is experiencing Member flee, but Facebook’s latest figures show an increase in the number of smarphonebrugere. All 49% more using Facebook on the smart phone every day, it is total 556 million daily users.

Not all are on Facebook every day, but since we often have our smartphone at our page, so is the number of members who use Facebook over the phone at least once a month increased by 39%. With the increase represents the combined 945 million people. Continue reading Facebook Serves Well on Smartphone Users

How do I Become a Better Football Player

Every day thousands of children in the Netherlands are asking how they can become a better football player or football. Best on his team or perhaps a professional player at Ajax, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, PSV or Feyenoord. Here are some important tips and various exercises that will help you become a better football player. How to become a professional football player and professional football star? How to become a better football player? If you want to become a better football player, there are some things that definitely could be improved:

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What League is SC Heerenveen in

Where, how and why the Club has its origins are unknown, it is known that the first name of the Sports Club in season 1920 came up. After the name?? Athleta?? The name was soon the name?? ?? Spartan, but in October 1922 the Club was called Vv?? Heerenveen??, whose name was given by the Dutch football association. Why the name change is still unclear. On 1 June 1977 was named official Sports Club Heerenveen, aka SC Heerenveen.

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Playing Golf in The Netherlands

In recent years golf has experienced tremendous growth. Not only a growth in the number of golfers, but also in the golf accommodation. World Golf introduced for men. To the Dutch Golf Federation has grown, the third sports federations in the Netherlands shows that the Golf Sport among the Dutch have become very popular. A popularity that has nothing to do with age. Golf made by fans of all ages. In 2007, the first Gulf Amsterdam organized in 2013 and the largest golf event will go to a new location in the municipality of Amstelveen. Golf has undergone tremendous development in the Netherlands. The number of registered golfers in the Netherlands is about 380 000 members.

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Phillip Cocu Career

Phillip Cocu played more than 697 games in professional football, which he managed to score 122 times. A short period with AZ Alkmaar five years in Arnhem, Eindhoven three years, six years after the Barcelona Eindhoven three years Destination Phillip Cocu. After seventeen races in the Middle East began his coaching career at Phillip Cocu. The successes and competitions Phillip Cocu. Phillip Cocu was born October 29, 1970 in Eindhoven.He P5 played on the youth of the DCS, De Graafschap and AZ AFC ’34, where he later became a professional football player. Cocu has played in many different positions in his career, namely the left front, in midfield, left midfield, left back and central defender.

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Types of Competitive Rowing Boats

Rowing is becoming increasingly popular, with the result that more and more games are broadcast on TV. Indoor rowing row in various boat types. The differences are in the number of oars per rower, the number of rowers in the boat, the presence of a helmsman or woman and the width of the boat. In this article, a brief explanation of the differences with an overview of the most common types of boat. There are many different types of rowing boats, almost any combination is possible. Generally, the rowing boats are classified based on four characteristics;

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