Samsung Galaxy Note 7: More Specifications Revealed

New information from evleaks makes us wiser on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which among other things, he can confirm that it is going to be called.

While Samsung working flat out to make the next Note-top model ready, dolls more specifications on the drypvis up.

This is the case again today, where the always well informed tipster on Twitter, evleaks, is out with a new series of information long before the phone officially launches.

A month ago there was doubt about what Samsung will named the next Note-top model. It was reported as fact that the South Korean producer would skip a generation above in Note series, such that the following figures in Galaxy S series. The first Note-phone came a year after the first Galaxy S, that’s why the series, of course, always been a year behind on the name, but not the specifications.

Now joins evleaks so out, that it is good enough. The next Galaxy Note is called Note 7. It still leaves uncertainty about whether it is curved or not. Reports have also gone on to Samsung only make a curved variant to replace last year’s Galaxy S6 edge +. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Note 7: More Specifications Revealed

What to Wear Brown Sandals With

Sandals is one of the most popular shoes in the summer and in late spring and early autumn. They not only look stylish with most outfits, but very comfortable and large spare shoes park in the summer heat.

There are many kinds of shoes. You can find on the shelves very open sandals that will hold a few lyamochek thin and a little less open, more comfortable and sustainable species. There are almost completely closed sandals, which is open only for big toe or open heel. As you can see, the choice is wide enough, we need only decide what kind will be convenient for you.
Especially popular is brown shoes. It is important to choose the right combination of clothing that is appropriate for such shoes, as is often the question arises, what to wear brown sandals.

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Cycling Community

Today the Community Kronxito decided to go with painted face, no more, no reason, for no reason, because he wanted to, plain and simple. So we shot by Molina de Segura to Campotéjar and from there took the road of the transfer. We shot at a good pace until the end of the transfer, turn right, facing a steep slope, a slope and turn right again to take the dirt road engineer in the Sierra del Marqués. A climb of about 2km, not fussed also did apace.

Once up continue to the left road, exploring a small area we did not know and reaching the road Ulea.The left and we arrived at Barranco Sevilla, there turn right to go to the viewpoint of the forest house at the beginning of Scalextric. We stopped a few minutes to lunch, rest a little and throw us a few photos.

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New, Innovative Smartphone from Microsoft Is on the Way

Microsoft confirms that a new top model, there will be innovative in the same way that computers have been Surface-what is on the way.

The US computer giant Microsoft has given up trying to do forbrugersmartphones after for many years to have been lying at the bottom in terms of sales figures and market shares.

It does not, however, be borne by the company from making a new top model that will show Microsoft’s latest innovations forward. At Microsoft’s Build Tour event in London makes the head of Windows, Kevin Gallo, dumbing us down on what Microsoft has of smartphone plans aimed at businesses rather than consumers.

“We have really aligned with what we’ve made on Windows PCs: to be a leader in the high end of the price scale, and make innovations in a category just as we’ve done with Surface, while producers will create a wide catalogue,” tells Microsoft boss to The Directory.

It may well sound like Microsoft’s long-awaited Surface Phone which design promises to be a Surface-computer in Pocket format-of course with Windows 10 in Mobile Variant. Continue reading New, Innovative Smartphone from Microsoft Is on the Way

New Navigation Buttons on Its Way to Android Devices

When N is released this fall, will Android software buttons to navigate in se markedly different. View the first frame of the new buttons here.

On Android phones and tablets, depending on the device, it is possible either to navigate the operating system with, among other things. back-and Home-button via the kapacative buttons or software buttons.

Since the latter kind of gives more options in software, Google has several times over the years changed the button design and function-the latest in Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Now faced with yet another design change according to the website Android Police, through sources at Google have recreated a faithful copy of the design they have seen. Continue reading New Navigation Buttons on Its Way to Android Devices

Engineer Bike Team

We start from the headquarters of the Community in Molina de Segura and we’re rolling road desentumeciendo muscles and taking away the cobwebs, heating, while we chatted animatedly and we breathe the air hot and muggy summer afternoon this murciana. We had a very good morning, warm but with cool wind played today suffer a little, at least at the beginning of the route.

We drove road reaching the edge of the transfer, there continue rolling until we heard a loud noise in the front wheel of the bicycle community Mary, so we stopped to have a look. We saw it was the brake piston that was a little out of place, we proceeded to re-introduce making lever with a wrench. Once resolved and recorded the episode of the harsh reality of mountain biker continue the route.

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Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

The Vera Wang bridal collection for the ‘2016-2017 autumn-winter continues on the same style of the already proposed line for spring, with asymmetric games and color contrasts, with semi-transparent materials such as tulle and lace. The cuts of wedding dresses are more traditional and canonical than the previous, but the trend continues for a rebel look, almost rock that breaks the mold of the bridal style by creating eye-catching and saucy items. If you look for a model that expresses your strong and modern character, the Vera Wang collection is what suits you.

Return to romantic dresses?

Vera Wang is known for her original clothes and the irreverent style, we saw him in the spring collection 2016, the troviamo-lesser extent – even in this new line. If before the New York designer departed almost completely from the canons of the bridal style, this time we see almost a return to the classic, with cuts of more traditional and romantic dresses. Of course, we never give up the asymmetrical wedding dresses, with short skirt and tail at the back, draped and crumpled, in lace or tulle.

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Uber Introduces Price Guarantee for Drive

No more nasty surprises-the price will be fixed when you run with Ubers parts service.

In the future you will know exactly what it costs to get from A to B with Uber. The company now introduces a price guarantee in a number of cities, instead of, as previously, to confine itself to give the estimate on the cost of a drive. The write tech-media

This enables service users know it absolutely sure what a ride with parts service will run up in.

The function will also work in conjunction with the company’s ‘Surge’ Pricing game, an extra cost attributed to, when the number of Uber-drivers can’t match the demand from Uber-users.
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Technical Mountain Bikes

We started, like every day, with our mountain bikes oiled and prepared from the headquarters of the Community in Molina de Segura. Today we head towards the Sierra de Ricote, so we took the road to go to Archena transfer. As always we started rolling gently to loosen up and get warmed muscles. We spoke to the new community and with others, in a warm but bearable afternoon, with the relatively fresh wind.

We pass the place where community Patricia took the fall on the road yesterday and we remember her and her strength to have continued with a blow to the knee. We reached the end of the transfer and turn left to go to Archena. Once at the junction turn right to go parallel to the Segura River and spa. This road soon reached Ulea and crossed without stopping. Today our intention was not to arrive too late, since the route we reached yesterday too and arrived at 23:59. We try to reduce downtime to a minimum.

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Lace Dresses and Accessories

Lace dresses and accessories for spring been 2016. Winding processes and provocative, colorful shoes and accessories, and contexts in which we never expected a fabric that for years remained tied to the formality.

Lace, a fabric that whatever its interpretation is synonymous with the concept of pure elegance, simple and minimalistic tied to the past of the great style icons. An element that is part of many outfits, not always, and not necessarily, formal, even that ye may know, that matched the right way, the lace can unravel many uses and facets that didn’t know. Continue reading Lace Dresses and Accessories

Brexit: What Does This Mean for Your Mobile Subscription

Read here what yesterday’s Brexit-vote means that if you use your mobile subscription in the United Kingdom

Yesterday the British people went to the boxes and made history by being the first member of the European Union who vote to repeal the participation in the European UNION-cooperation.

The vote caused a panic in financial and economic circles, a panic, however, immediately will not have direct impact for your mobile Bill, even if you plan to travel to the United Kingdom this summer.

In a survey of Vodafone, Telenor and 3, made by, is the message the same. There will not be tampered with roaming prices over the summer. Continue reading Brexit: What Does This Mean for Your Mobile Subscription

MTB Route by Night

The day August 19, 2016 came to the headquarters of Community at 19: 04h, there were the Kronxito, Paquito206, Juan Caride, Aurelio and Jesus (Chules) community. Our community president Alonso this time not accompany us, without knowing in advance, I took that surprise unexpectedly, say from here that owes me and have made me lol.

Prepare and have Kronxito bikes, Paquito206 and mine in Community van, they were in another car and Jesus Aurelio community. On the other hand the Community Juan Caride with his car and bike. In Cehegín we also would find Manuel Antonio community. We arrived at about 20pm to Cehegín, at the same meeting point for premarcha Hangout. We hope to others peers of the clubs mentioned above, this route was massive and would attend some 25 cyclists to have a blast at night we expected.

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Windows Mobile Phone


You notice big improvements also preloaded apps from Microsoft. The most emblematic is probably the Store: there are now more info, richer graphics and many functions with side navigation menu. Great leaderboards, which make the search and discovery of the app much more engaging. There are also personalized suggestions based on the chronology of the installed apps and games, just as they do on Google Play. There’s also the unification of contents: apps, games, music, movies and TV series converge in one store. Than Play miss the books, although the presence of the most common platform for eBooks, Amazon Kindle, makes the gap less relevant. The tile of the home is also animated, that never hurts. By the way: the tiles are now the rule, although some apps (Skype and Office on all) continue to use the solid color. Very likely that, at the exit of Windows Mobile 10, this behavior is corrected.

The same can be said for Word, though also in Preview release, which finally gets the functionality of saving/automatic synchronization and real-time features toolbar and commands available to richer than Google Docs. Important detail: If you switch from Google Docs to Word Online, you’ll notice that saving documents is a little slower on the Microsoft platform. Make sure that the message below the page change from SAVING… SAVED IN SKYDRIVE, before closing. It may take a few seconds, typically no more than ten.

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New Nexus 5 Model Spotted-Codename: HTC Sailfish  

A leak confirms that an HTC mobile under the code name ‘SailFish’ becomes the new Nexus 5.Specifications is also leaked.

Google’s Nexus-series of smartphones is expected to get an upgrade in the fall, with replacements to both Nexus and Nexus 6 p 5 x. Details of the minimum, and probably cheapest variant is now unleashed to the news blog Android Police, as with designates information as being likely.

The site confirms that it will be HTC which will produce the new Nexus, which right now live under the code name ‘Sailfish’, and was previously called ‘S 1’.

Preliminary specifications model paints a picture of a device as being smaller than its predecessor, but on the other hand, will be beefed up at key points, mainly the storage space and the amount of RAM. Continue reading New Nexus 5 Model Spotted-Codename: HTC Sailfish  

MTB Cycling Molina Greenway

As it is not normal for me lol, I get up an hour before the scheduled start time route, at about 06:03 in the morning. The reason for the early start (some would say have been raised before, but I floor normally raise half an hour before or 16 minutes, so it is a lol madrugón An end!) It is that I wanted to give a surprise to my community on the route we were going to do, and that surprise was to prepare sandwiches cocoa cream to make the most enjoyable and pleasant route. But I had no dough (bread sandwich) or seasoning (cocoa butter), so I had to approach the nearest gas station to buy these food items.

Even having risen early, I saw that if I started to make the sandwiches in my house, I would paste rice. So I decided to toss in a backpack so extra elements (earth, spice and knife), as the elements that I usually accompany any route (bag camelback, nuts, bananas, etc.), with the idea of ​​preparing Poza snacks in the Mula river. This brought me fond memories of my childhood and early years of MTB in, when there was the “Camelbak backpack” of 90 euros and we went out with our backpack full of snacks and bottled water, and nothing happened, no were dying we’ve become very foodies !!

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Blue Plaid Shirt for Mens

The women claim that their men is much easier to choose clothing. But if so, it is a matter of discretion. One thing is certain – given that men have far fewer options in front of him, and this makes their choice more difficult. Let’s take for example a man’s shirt. Each lady will say “It’s easy – with long or short sleeves, black or white”. Yes, but it remains only in the minds of women. And here the choice is not very easy. You as what you prefer – or monochromatic plaid pattern?

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The Best Apps for Your Apple TV [TIP]

The Apple TV can be used for all sorts of things, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best apps on the market.

Last year she published the fourth generation of Apple TV, and we were greeted by a completely redesigned interface, an updated remote control with touchpad and the addition of Siri.

With Apple TV 4 was also a dedicated App Store, so now you can select and download the apps that best fits you.

We have here at compiled a list of some of the best apps to adorn your Apple TV and ensure you hours of entertainment.

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MTB Cyclists Engineer 2.0

We left the headquarters of the Community in Molina de Segura at about 18:26, we rolled quietly, chatting and sunbathing in the afternoon, towards the Trasvase. We reached him and move through your bank until the end. There we turn left to take the Engineer rise in the Sierra del Marqués. The Tonius community is gradually resuming contact sport and cycling, so going up to his pace.

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The Bicycle Day: In Memory Of The First “Trip”

Today is April 19 is the World Day of the bicycle, a rare official celebration that has a peculiar origin. It has to do with chemistry, particularly with the discovery of the effects of lysergic acid diethylamide, LSD. Yes, yes.

The bicycle, in a cardboard to soak LSD. Image of YttriumOx in Wikipedia.

The relationship with the bike is entirely coincidental: it was riding a bike on April 19 when the discoverer of LSD confirmed its potent effects. A curious story.

In 1938, Albert Hofmann, a chemist at Sandoz in Basel, working with active components of medicinal plants, particularly of ergot (a parasite of this cereal fungus). Ergot, massively ingested in contaminated rye bread, in the Middle Ages caused the fire ergotismo or San Antón, that causes gangrene and hallucinations; It has also been linked to ritual uses in Greece, used for respiratory conditions, to induce abortions and to stop bleeding after childbirth. All this, of course, before the advent of modern medicine.

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Cases from the iPhone 6 and 6s Do Not Fit in the Next iPhone

Despite a nearly identical design in the upcoming iPhone Apple prevents reuse of cases and screen protectors because of individual design changes.

Everything points to the fact that the next iPhone-which is not going to be called iPhone 7 -get a design almost unchanged compared to the iPhone 6 and 6s.

Even if the next iPhone will have virtually identical dimensions, you will not be able to reuse your existing cases and screen protectors from the iPhone 6 or 6s in the next iPhone.

According to the Japanese page Macotakara reminder Apple for around on several of the sensors so that the holes in the cases, covering the front, no longer fit. However, most of all this change will mean that the gaps in the current screen protectors from the iPhone 6 and 6s won’t fit in the next iPhone. Continue reading Cases from the iPhone 6 and 6s Do Not Fit in the Next iPhone

Flamethrower Mountain Biking

Hello dear friends and readers Biker Community, today I want to tell you what the Community Alonsojpd leads attached to the frame of his bike Olympia Nitro and power. You are hundreds those who have asked and asking follow, so I will explain what is what and what they do.

Some time ago we needed a stick to throw up our group selfie pictures of community, because we usually leave enough community and hand did not reach us to take the picture. How could it be otherwise in the Community, we decided to make a stick selfie home and our way. So we leave the department of IMA (Applied Mechanical Engineering), which is responsible Paquito206, the idea of ​​making a selfie stick why buy it? that would be too easy.

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Vitoria: An Institute Any

We arrived through Facebook to very interesting pictures of Jose Felix Basozábal . This is the IES Mendebaldea, Vitoria-Gasteiz. Jose Felix has given us very kindly photos for playback.


You see, the photos are March 2014. Vitoria already know that bike uses a lot of people, as in Seville and some other lucky town around here. In this case, we speak of an institute that teaches students of ESO and Bachiller, ie between 12 and 19 years or less.

From Friday May 9, 2014, an important part of students (those under 16 years) should begin to wear a helmet to keep going to school by bike, under threat of penalty to their parents. And we can not help ourselves a series of questions.

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