Outdoor Night Lights

Without good lighting also a nicely decorated garden, comfortable, welcoming and great aesthetic impact, loses some of its charm and its attraction, if it can not be experienced at sunset light. Indeed, warn experts, among the first items to introduce to ensure full livability of outdoor environments, there are just the highlights.

This is because in the summer the hours of the day are so hot that hardly goes outside, despite one may find areas of shade and refreshment. It is at sunset, when the air cools, it feels more the need to abandon the indoors, out, relax and enjoy the view.

Without adequate lighting live fully these open areas, alone for your relaxing or with friends for cocktails and banquets, it becomes an impossible task.

The interior decorators and designers suggestions regarding outdoor lighting are so many and very interesting.

One proposal that has had and continues to be a large following, concerning the use of solar lamps, made ​​of a plurality of supports (floor, wall, overhead), economic and durable.

Interesting the proposal to VidaXL with his Set of 4 Solar LED Street Lights made by Josephnightlights.

It is four street lamps, high off the ground 15 cm, with picket to be planted in the ground, made ​​of durable plastic material, shock-resistant and UV resistant.

The glass ampoules with spherical shape, with a diameter of 15 cm, containing well 2 bulbs of 0.1 W, which give off a bright light, a warm white color.

The ideal set to illuminate gardens and create a kind of light path that is fairly effective and very suggestive. Minimum price, whereas the offer includes a 4 light points. A bargain.

A different light and atmosphere more intimate and reserved flow from Model Globeace Frostfire.

In this case we speak of a solar hanging lamp, a spherical shape with a diameter of 15 cm, which is loaded with sunlight during the day and lights up in the dark hours, providing from 6 to 8 hours of light.

It equipped with a device to really powerful LED, so does not require cables or batteries; thanks to a spring integrated in the upper part of the holder, is dockable to any support.

Hanging on the branch of a tree, or at the top of a gazebo… with his powerful light without glare, we provide the right atmosphere to enjoy the open air in the hours more pleasant, the evening. Excellent quality / price ratio .

An innovative and eye-catching design features the Solar Lamp with ABS charging LED 6 of ieGeek.

It is a wall lamp, made ​​of plastic material (ABS), of black color in the part that adheres to the wall, transparent with working to bubbles, in the part exposed to the public. It is a solar powered lamp, which does not require a cord or battery for charging.

It is equipped with 6 LEDs with output of 160 lumens and a guarantee of strength, quality and durability of light. In addition to the quality of the raw material, stands for an attractive design.

The special lamp holder determines, during ignition, a play of light, shapes and shadows on the wall really impressive.

The ideal lamp in outdoor environments of small-medium sized to create an intimate and private outdoor space where you can enjoy plenty of relaxation. The offer currently includes two pieces for the price of one. Do not miss.

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