OPPO N1 Review: Huge Phone with Potential

OPPO N1 is a niche phone but it can seduce many.
OPPO is not exactly known on the Danish smartphone market and traded even in Denmark, but that does not mean that the OPPO doesn’t have anything interesting to offer. OPPO has a variety of special features with N1 and it is also why we reviewed it.OPPO introduces things like O-Touch, O-Click and reversible camera.
Among Hi-Fi and TV-geeks are known for high-end OPPO Blu-ray players, but since they cost 5,000-10,000 USD, you will find not OPPO at Fona or Expert. 
In the smartphone world is OPPO’s new, but was the first to launch in 2013, a full HD screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution. N1 is OPPOs latest installment and come among others with:
-1 GHz Snap dragon 600 with 2 GB ram
-5.9 “IPS display with 1080 p resolution
-13mpix camera that is can be reversed
-Special version of Android, CyanogenMod, can be easily installed
Price: 3325kr, with free shipping from their EU webshop
OPPO impresses with quality Cabinet
If we start with the exterior, so is the build quality of the OPPO N1 high and the plastic feels delicious. Are you trying to twist the phone gives OPPO N1 not a millimeter, in spite of its large size, and there is also no murmurs.
The actual design is fairly elegant. There’s a little edge all the way around that show that N1 has a solid steel frame. Edge gives a nice little twist to the design so it all not white plastic. There is unfortunately a little wide screen frame which makes your phone extra large. The emphasis is on the whole 213gram, and N1 is thus a bit heavier than its competitors.
When you look around, there are connectors for audio, barns, SIM card and nothing else. There is no SD card reader and after installing my usual apps, a little music and e-books, there were only 2 GB of storage back. Then you’re the type who has many things lying stored on the phone, yes then I recommend to buy the version with 32 GB which costs 215kr more.
OPPO lures with nice screen
The screen is 5.9 “and has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, so pixel density is 373 per inch which is fine. Since it is an IPS display viewing angles are really good and the colors stand out sharply. The screen, however, little challenges in sunlight, meetings where the monitor does not have enough brightness. A nice thing about the N1 is that one can activate the ability use of mittens in ColorOS, which is nice here during the winter season. However, it is not only innovative in N1.
OPPO N1 is completely its own
O-Touch is an area at the back where you can scroll up and down in Facebook, Chrome or where there is a need for it. The idea behind is not completely stupid, do you read the news or a good article here on the mobile site, Yes so have you often need to scroll. The problem with O-Touch, however, is that it is not quite as liquid as one might hope, for Chrome starts chopping and slipping not as liquid as when using the screen. It’s kind of a shame, because you end up disabling O-Touch.
Another special thing about N1 is O-Click, which is a nice little external Bluetooth 4.0 button that comes with by default. O-Click has these four functions:

  • Can be used as remote control of the camera, which is useful if you need to take a group photo.
  • Beeps if you receive new emails or calls and you aren’t near your phone.
  • Beeps if you are far away from your phone.
  • Get your phone to ring at double press O-Click.

The last two I find quite useful, because you’re just as distracted as I, so is O-Click useful if (when) you forgot your phone on your way out of a café. It may also be that you’re sitting at home and the phone is smoked down between sofa cushions, and you therefore cannot find the phone. So you just twice on O-Click and the phone starts ringing.
The camera is a nice scam, but it’s also bogus?
The camera on the 13 megapixels can be rotated 180 degrees so the camera facing forward, and one can take “selfies” or Skype in high resolution. However, we must not be afraid to camera hinges breaks, because the build quality is high. OPPO highlights even camera quality and it did that I had high expectations, but I was a bit disappointed. The camera makes it respectable outside, but is, however, a little too light compared to the reality. By indoor lighting will be the camera set on a sample and the pictures are a little blurry and there comes the noise.
So it’s not a top camera, but you can make do with normal quality is N1 quite well. The reversible camera makes that Skype calls is much better than normal. All in all, the camera is, however, quite fine.
OPPO impresses with harmony
Now we’re talking about the noise, so have headsets supplied with smartphones often a short life in my hands. In 9 out of 10 cases, they in my opinion just to throw out. OPPOs white headset is the in-ear type and makes it actually amazingly good. The bass is deep and accurate. Between the tone goes clear through and the treble is clear and even at high playback distorts the treble quite a bit.
The actual N1s speaker is placed at the bottom but it goes clear through when playing music. The sound is fine and the music is played with authority. Dial makes N1 it also better than average, so well done OPPO!
Battery life as a power plant
In OPPO N1 is a Snapdragon 600 SoC with 1.7 GHz. It is not the newest installment, but battery life is pretty good. OPPO N1 is a bit special because it can be obtained with two operating systems, but it comes as standard called ColorOS and with much browsing, email and app use copes N1 almost a day and a half.
OPPO looks like the alternative operating system that you install CyanogenMod, more on that later, and with the system battery life will be cropped to reputable 23timer before the phone hit 1%. Whatever operating system you must not be afraid to run out of power with the N1.
N Niche
Default operating system ColorOS is at time of writing based on Android 4.3. It is elegant and have not very many Add-ons from normal Android. Coming often updates, but for some reason, there is some lag here and there as you don’t normally see on mobiles with the specifications. When you walk in developer mode, you can see that it is in fact many Google-things that trigger notch. E.g. Google’s own search widgets and the address bar in Chrome. Whether it is something OPPO can rectify is unknown, however, history shows that ColorOS often get updates. A little strange, however, that heavy games like Asphalt 8 running quite liquid.
Unfortunately, the experience makes a little ‘ layer ColorOS negative and it is a shame because ColorOS showing good rates. Fortunately, Electronicsencyclopedia celebrates diversity and therefore gives you the ability to easily switch to another operating system, called CyanogenMod, henceforth called CM. OPPO has created a collaboration with CM and in a short period of time could be bought in a variant with N1 CM installed in advance. Now can, however, easily get CM from OPPO N1 OPPOs home page with brief guide most can cope.
Cyanogenmod for dummies
Are you thinking “what is CyanogenMod”? CM, is based on Android, in this case 4.3 Jelly Bean, and has a small, but very loyal fan base, because that one can breathe new life into old and new new mobiles. CM gives you not only the latest version of Android, but also offers speed improvements and features as a pure Android does not have.
There are many lovely options at CM, among other things, the ability to overclock. But if we do not make any adjustments by CM on OPPO N1, then there is no speed improvement, compared to ColorOS. And because O-Click still does not work with CyanogenMod, battery life is poorer and ColorOS actually is pretty good, so I would recommend just using ColorOS. It must be said to be a compliment which few producers, but it is a little cheap background when CM usually are better.
Is the only Android geeks will love the OPPO?
OPPO N1 comes with a number of interesting action, some works very well, while others fall slightly to the ground.
Do you love to rummage in the settings, like small producers who dare to do something new, and do you dare buy anything unknown over the net, then lands we at 5/6.
Are you more insecure and an average consumer who would like to be able to get an item spoils, tipper century down at 4/6. Should we be completely honest would Oppo N1 get five out of six stars if there were HTC or Samsung on the back, or if the OPPO had a cooperation with a Danish telecommunications company, so you could just go into a shop and get help.
+ Build quality
+ ColorOS is elegant
+ Battery life
+ Accessory is good, O-Click, headset
+ Partnership with CyanogenMod
+ Good screen, except in sunlight
-No LTE/4 g
-A little lag in both ColorOS and CyanogenMod
-No SD card option, however, you can get a 32 GB version