Onlive Comes to Android, But for The Moment Not to Spain

One of the products that is more giving of what speaking in terms of the world of video games is concerned is Onlive. For those neophytes on the issue, it’s a platform for videogames in the cloud that has two features. The first is the of the game streaming, i.e., that the game processes are carried out in a cloud and phone only is responsible for receiving video and send the data by pressing the buttons.
This would give a great advantage and is in theory only would be important the data connection of a terminal, and can run games in almost any tierminal that is connected to the Internet. The second feature is the business model. You can buy games as with an online store, allowing you to play the game whenever you want, and the second is the ability of subscription, for a monthly fee we can play more than 500 games in the catalog without commitment, in addition to having a discount when buying games.
Since this service has finally fulfilled one of the promises it made to the arising, come to Android, and has done so in places like Etsados United, United Kingdom and Canada, but even It does not allow to download in Spanish terminals, leaving us with a bitter taste in the mouth. We will have to wait for news to know when this promising service dropped by our country.