Online Shopping Tips Clothes

Always used mackerel aimlessly through the city and bought what seemed to me just particularly great. The upshot was then a motley wardrobe with great items that did not want to seem to fit each other.
That annoyed me every year, because I always had phases that I could only with difficulty be combined. To this was then that I have uncontrolled and bought a lot-but then cheap stuff that does not last long. The online shopping world has only made my behavior worse, depending on your mood my virtual shopping carts were filled without precise plan.

After I then this year angered donated, given away and sold a huge pile of clothes, I’ve never actually worn, I had myself set up rules-to which I am actually hold up today.

My approach

looking models.
I like like nice clothes, but I’m the one that stays in the forefront and trends pretending. I own ideas, but am quite a trend follower and does not necessarily draw the attention to me when I am traveling. Fashionable, suitable for everyday use, in many combinations. So I rummage on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration and collect my favorite styles. Unfortunately I have not found a person with whose style I identify clearly, so I’m looking to talk and times there.
Defining the suitable style.
Ooh, difficult issue – but you can make it. Look at your collected favorite outfits that you found on the Internet. What are the similarities and what you like about it? What might go well with you, your type and your character? Just write you a few features on a piece of paper. For me it looked something like this:

  • Oversize sweaters chunky knit
  • gray, white, black, metallic, nude
  • simple, no patterns or prints
  • gold or rose gold accessories
  • Sneakers or boots
  • Backpacks, large Shopper
  • Skinny Jeans Reißververschlüssen or Cuttings
  • Blouses combined with chunky knit – visible collar
  • Act Look
  • Nails nude, burgundy, dark green, dark gray
  • large scarves
  • Oversize Strickjacken

… And hey presto you can orientate very well nevertheless. From these points it passes you then rules from, with which you then goes out. Can you think of the next time a pink shirt with funny print in the arms, remains strong and think of your style models.
Set rules and stick to it
Lie down on a mood board – which may be a Pinterest pinboard with your final choice or just a folder with images collected. Anyone know a bit about graphic programs, can also create a collage that you can print beautifully. Because PowerPoint gets it right a very different appreciation! When shopping you can then see if your desire part fits in the majority of your rules you create. Starting with the color, then the style and in the end maybe even the appearance. Since many models Style on Pinterest and Co wear things that average Joe fashionista can not afford / want, you can just search for similar things. There are many brands that offer simple bags in beautiful and modern cuts, without any logo prankt it.


If one considers a few months by its rules, you have parts in the closet, which can be combined versatile (saves time in the morning outfit looking!) And, moreover, are exactly as you have dreamed you. One considers shopping just a little bit more and can be more easily dissuaded from thoughtless impulse purchases.
Instead, great stuff to buy, you can now see if ye begrudge times not here and there quality on which its longer have joy. A good pair of shoes with reasonable sole (child, thou broken your feet!) Or a good knit sweater that looks not immediately as the hairy thing from Star Wars.

My outfits

I’m now really happy and now find quickly in the morning a matching outfit. For these photos I was allowed an outfit withdress-for-less * compile what me and my rules really challenged! At the end I have everything set to black, so I can combine as much as possible. The clutch has captured my heart immediately-it is neither a backpack still oversized shopper, but so serious you have to its rules also do not take. Dress-for-less is an online outlet for brand clothing and accessories, which is often reduced up to 70%. If you take a little time and good filters, you really find there really good snapper at a fair price.
My life has changed a lot in the last year and has now to deal with many people, where you want to be perceived as a serious business woman – just because I am still very young for my “position”, an outfit often helps very, the perception of others to influence positively. I learned a lot, have become much more confident and feel more grown up. You can tell exactly when his appearance appearance no longer fits with how you feel. I have visually off to a very nice change, but we get it inside and out together again and that makes me happy. Had told me two years ago: “This hairstyle makes you really grown up” I would have been offended. Today I would radiate. “Do you find? Thank you very much!”
Once I was Peter Pan, now I’m Wendy-but I still believe in fairies, very firmly, very firmly.
PS: I am the way, very proud, because you can actually see some muscle on my legs with a little imagination-I am now a regular gym goers! My tired limbs are now nursed with muscles and I realize after a few weeks a huge difference, especially in the posture at the desk. I can only recommend any good back exercises!