OnePlus Dishes up the Screen and RAM-Governance in OnePlus 3

Several reviewers have raised criticism of the strong colors in OnePlus 3 with screen and that all 6 GB RAM could not be used. The cuisine OnePlus soon up on.
Since the release of OnePlus 3 has one of the most talked-about topics on the telephone been its AMOLED screen – partly because OnePlus have rebrandet Samsung screen from Super AMOLED to Optic AMOLED and made some adjustments to the color rendering, and partly because it has the so-called PenTile-pixel structure.
Amoled screens are by nature extremely saturated in colors compared to an LCD monitor, but with software that can be screwed down to the color amount, so the display panel and the colors appear more lifelike.
OnePlus have as part of the adjustment of the monitor’s colors deliberately chose not to screw them up for full burner-probably, because it is something that is eye-catching and looks good, though it doesn’t reproduce colors as they really take it out.
It has given rise to criticism, which is that the monitor’s color temperature is calibrated so wrong that the website Anandtech, making the very scientific reviews, has called the screen for the worst ever from a starting point that the screen should reproduce so lifelike colors as possible.
However, it is important to point out that the vast majority of critics, including, showing satisfaction over the display panel, which indeed is a little bluish, but which already comes with the option to adjust low on color temperature. The saturated colours, there may not be addressed.

Improved the sRGB color profile on the way

It will, however, allow for OnePlus very soon. In the face of Android Authority informs that it will send out a OnePlus software update that adds support for the so-called sRGB mode, which will screw part down for farvespektraet and reproduce the colors something more natural.
When the feature will be located inside the Settings ‘ Options for developers, it is not, therefore, a change that will mean anything to the average OnePlus 3-buyer, but rather something that can be taken in use for those who go up in color reproduction.

All 6 GB RAM may soon be exploited

The other novelty in software update is a change of control, so all RAM 6 GB RAM can actually be exploited. OnePlus ‘ co-founder, Carl Pei, wrote the other day on Twitter that OnePlus had chosen a very aggressive RAM management, which is often closed apps out of memory long before the 6 GB RAM at all was used.
The purpose of this would be to save on power consumption, but it has resulted in some negative reactions to the phone equipped with more RAM than the software lets you use.
Therefore, the software update will also change in RAM-control, so you can take advantage of all the RAM that is available. It should also result in faster opening of the games, just as there will be other improvements all around.
OnePlus will initially only broadcast software update in the form of OxygenOS 3.1.4 to the units that have been sent out to reviewers. Later software update will then roll out to consumers.