OnePlus 3-an Amazingly Good Smartphone [TEST]

Review of OnePlus 3: third time is a charm for Chinese OnePlus that sets out all the stops to

OnePlus in record time has made a name for itself amongst mobile manufacturers. After a time as outsider and a radical approach begins with the company now to ripen, which is seen in their flagship version 3.0.

The concept of is actually very straightforward OnePlus-here be delivered an impressive technique magazine at a very advantageous price. A mantra as the company itself believes will ‘kill’ flagships.

And the formula works. The company’s race from zero to a million smartphones sold in the course of the first salgsår-despite a forever reviled invitation based system with drypvis availability.

In version 3.0 seems however to be more ambition than just ticking the checkbox on an equipment list. Design and materials is more ambitious than ever, technological breaks the new ground and invitation system is finally scrapped.

OnePlus has all the necessary cards to become a regular hit. The question then is whether this promising technique of leaf will be turned into a good experience in everyday life.

Specifications OnePlus 3

Goals: 152.7 x 74.7 x 7.4 mm 158 grams
Screen: 5.5 “AMOLED (1,920 x 1,080 pixels), 401 PPI
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 2 + 2 quad-core up to 2.2 GHz. 530 Adreno graphics
Storage: 64 GB
Camera: 16 megapixel (Sony IMX294 sensor), f/2.0 lens with OIS, 4 k video + 8 megapixel front
Battery: 3,000 mAh, Dash-quick charging, USB Type-C
Network: 2 g/3 g/4 g Cat 6. LTE, Dual-SIM
Operating system: Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Oxygen US
Colors: available in metalgrå or white and gold
Other: fingerprint reader, the mute button for notifications
Price: 2,990 SEK

OnePlus goes all-in on the metal this year toward a finish in sandstone plastic and aluminum in the past.And I shall love to OnePlus has studied the best in metal front this year. Apple, HTC, Samsung and Huawei have nothing to follow here – OnePlus is at least as refined as the market’s tenors.

3 ‘ eren takes his predecessor base form with the slightly curving downslope, but makes the softer this year with 2.5 D glass front and a less marked border around the phone.

It’s all cut out of a piece of aluminum, and antennas are perfectly integrated as fine stripes over the matte and non-slip backing.

At the same time, the phone just 7.4 mm thin, which along with a weight of 158 grams and a curved back gives an elegant impression of both lightness and strength.

It is also needed, because with a display on the entire 5.5 inch OnePlus 3 is far from compact – but among phablets hear it anyway to among the most manageable.

Fine details

OnePlus can as few others figure out a deliver a product that feels exclusive from start to finish. Even the packaging is of an exclusive caliber, which is only matched by another Chinese colleague, Huawei.Established cell manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple could well take a lesson here.

The phone itself will also have a competent fingerprint reader, that makes it easy to unlock your phone in a movement. It is 0.2 seconds to authenticate your thumb, which is nice enough, but not nearly so blazingly fast and just as surely as Apple’s hits or Huaweis ditto.

OnePlus ‘ attention to detail is also to be found in a practical notification button on the page. By sliding it up and down, you can decide whether you must be sensitive to all, priority or no calls, appointments or notifications.

All in all, it is an exquisitely manufactured smartphone, you get with OnePlus 3 – with the exception of a simple Miss: camera jut a part out the back – and I am afraid, therefore, that the glass on the easy can suffer if you’re not careful.

Delicious display

OnePlus 3 has a relatively large display with a technology the company calls ‘ Optic AMOLED ‘. The latter is known from, among other things, Samsung phones, where technology contributes with deep black and vibrant colors.

‘ Optic ‘ means, on the other hand, the large, but is a marketing term that covers a OnePlus-color profile.

Salgsgas to the page, so it’s beautiful and flattering colors that pampers the retina with OnePlus 3. The resolution of Full HD at the same time is just right for that everything is quite sharp, but in lower edge to possibly virtual reality-use.

Outdoor OnePlus 3 also makes a good figure in the midday sun with usable contrast and, again, good colors. It is also a nice touch that the monitor’s white balance can be fine-tuned, while a dedicated night modus cherish their eyes after sunset.

However, the screen is not perfect, because it tends to make shadows, for instance movies or photos darker than they should be. The colors are at the same time a little too saturated, which unfortunately cannot be invoked in the settings.

Audio accompaniment OnePlus 3 of a lone speaker that plays surprisingly loud, but at the same time also something thin leg – even for a mobile phone.


Undoubtedly the strongest for price

Is there a place where OnePlus will dominate, is the technique the magazine. And OnePlus delivers in this degree the item here.

The processor, a Snapdragon 820 quad-core, is among the market leaders, and it is accompanied by frenzied 6 GB of RAM.

It both sounds and is promising, but perhaps even a bit overkill, for there is currently no Android software that can take advantage of more than 4 GB of RAM, which today can be found in leading toptelefoner.

This does not mean that it is direct inoperable, but as it stands now, you have to actually hack your phoneto be able take advantage of the extra memory.

Whether you use 4 GB or 6 GB of RAM, it doesn’t change on the impression – it all just runs smoothly away. Actually manages to position itself as OnePlus dishes in all of the benchmarks, which it has been exposed to.

To switch between apps is therefore a formality, and even the heaviest bets are settled without hesitation.Only art break occurred when heavy games like X-COM was to be loaded – there just went here a split-second more before the game was underway in relation to Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s S7’ere 6S.

Turbo battery

On the battery front selects OnePlus, mysteriously enough, to cut down on the battery, which is now 10 percent less than that of its predecessor.

In everyday life means the reduction in capacity, however, is not it great. With 3,000 mAh sharing can provide a fair use routinely OnePlus 3 and slightly more for. Any marathon runner is not-in the discipline reigns Samsung S7 Edge continued as champion.

What OnePlus instead has done is to develop their own ‘ Dash’-quick charger – a charger that can deliver the entire 20 W opposite the 10-15 W, as traditional quick-Chargers perform. Laderitualet be done also without neither mobile nor the charger gets too hot.

It lets you in just half an hour can thought two-thirds of the battery up – and a full refueling runs in just over an hour. This means that you will rarely be lacking power, for when the tank is almost empty, even a quick pitstop can provide power to the rest of the night or day.

On the network front is well equipped with the necessary OnePlus 2 g, 3 g and 4 g antennas – the latter is, however, still of LTE Cat 6. type, which gives a slightly reduced maximum speed in relation to 2016-competitors. That being said, it is generally good for the OnePlus connects fast 4 g-waves, and therefore rarely long waiting, when an app or a file to be downloaded.

At the same time, you can attach an extra nano-SIM card for mobile and thus have two phones in one or use the subscription that is most advantageous, depending on where you are.


Pure Android

Unlike most mobile manufacturers pills OnePlus 3 minimally by the included Android 6.0 Marshmallow-operating system.

It will surely delight enthusiasts have not been forgotten, as this provides a mobile that is cleared of unwanted bloatware, but will require a bit of getting used to if you’re coming from a Samsung or Huawei mobile.

However, I am a fan of Android, 3.7 Marshmallow is in itself both single, but at the same time quite feature rich. Biggest difference compared to the original is an extra ‘ Shelf’-home screen, where frequently used apps and a quick memo feature is right at your fingertips.

In addition, seasoned Android experience with small spruce features a double dot to switch on the phone, and some character-based shortcuts, which you by drawing an O or a V can open apps like camera and calendar in a movement.

Another good feature is the keyboard, which is provided by the specialists from SwiftKey. It is, with good reason, one of the most popular keyboards for Android and also works excellent here.

Only major need is a kind of split-screen function for OnePlus 3-screen is great. It would be nice if there could be multi bag.

This feature, however, is on the way with the next Android version, appearing once in the autumn. How quickly this update will be deployed to OnePlus 3, can only gisnes about, but hopefully the company will this time be brighter to update, than they were with OnePlus 2.


An excellent camera

OnePlus has traditionally not been equally ambitious on the camera front. Both etteren and runner-up could be used, but it was never very good.

Third time is a charm, OnePlus have now screwed up for resolution, improved optics and after treatment, and it can, finally, compare with the field’s other flagships.

The focus is generally tjept, albeit a little slower in the dark, and the results are stunning. Good colours, good contrast and lots of detail – there is not much to expose on the camera.

I have, however, experienced a weakness, when there will be completely dark. Here appears the camera automatically preferable to screw up for maximum Iso – which gives very noisy photos. Here you can take advantage of turn over in the manual mode and get much better results.

The body of the camera app is also screwed together well. It takes only a few flick that switch settings in order to get the perfect picture. Særmodes as HDR and Panorama also delivers excellent results, and should the image up and hang on the wall, you can with RAW and HD mode get extremely detailed photos.

Front camera also makes a good figure and comes with a simple function to live retouching of selfies.

Turn on OnePlus 3 over on the video recording, the results are again characterized by the good colors and good momentum as in the pictures, and can be recorded in the sharp 4 k.

Here, however, not optical stabilization delivers the same great results as in the latest from Apple, Sony and Samsung – in fact it is minimally what it contributes, and is your hand not very quiet, it will be seen clearly.

High-end mobile for little money

My test course with OnePlus has been characterized by a certain dose of amazement. OnePlus 3 experienced indeed as a topmobil. The amazement occurs when I take a look at the price sign: 2,990 SEK.

It’s not just cheap-it is half the price compared to comparable phones. By comparison, runs iPhone 6S Plus 64 GB up into small 7 thousand dollars, while Samsung S7 edge is down to 5 ½ thousand crowns.

You get a little more features here and there, but you’ll probably barely miss something – OnePlus 3 is a real toptelefon, which can measure up to the best.

OnePlus 3 comes in two colors, metalgrå and gold, but the gold variant has been postponed until later this summer. It is available at the same time only in a stock size, 64 GB. However, I am convinced that it will row for most.

All in all, therefore a phone as 3 OnePlus awakens ejerglæde. The price is more than reasonable, and a top rated is therefore appropriate. We land at the maximum 6 out of 6 stars.

How to get hold of the

Unlike most smartphones at home you will not be able to go down to your nearest tele dealer and try the phone ad.

At the time of writing can only be purchased through the company’s 3 OnePlus own website, where you have to count with small two-week lead time. The load is in return for free.

2 alternative smartphones you also should consider

Huawei P9-Chinese competitor
Another price strong firecracker is Huaweis P9-flagship from the spring. Here compatible metal, performance and quality also seems to show, but a more compact exterior makes the phone more pocket friendly.

The battery is at the same time, slightly stronger, and P9’erens special dual camera gives reasons to invest the price difference of about 800 dollars.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge futuristic alternative
You are investing in a S7 edge from Samsung, you should expect to get a little more money. In return you get a better camera, a long lived battery and a futuristic design.

To the Galaxy at the same time, is waterproof, and S7 edge to its storage space can be extended, at the same time also increases usability.