Onedrive Now Supports Files up to 10GB and is Faster on the Desktop

The recent rumors that the onedrive would support files larger than 2 GB in size were right. On Wednesday (10), the Microsoft confirmed the update service. The limit is now 10 GB.
In late August, some onedrive users reported on Reddit that their accounts were accepting files over 2 GB – the existing limit until then – without any difficulty.
Days earlier, a Microsoft employee had informed the onedrive channel on User Voice that the company was working to change the limit. Signs of the changes, therefore, could not be more obvious. Only there was not clear what would be the new maximum size.
In its statement, Microsoft explains that the 10GB limit applies to all uploads media: mobile applications, desktop and web (browser).
There are other new features: synchronization with PCs and Macs now supports more simultaneous transfers. In testing, Microsoft claims to have found that synchronizations were almost three times faster on these platforms.
The company also promises to meet an old request for more frequent users: Within the next few weeks, you can share content from the desktop (Windows 7 or 8), without opening the web version of the service. All that the user needs to do is to click the right mouse button on an item and choose “Share the onedrive link” (or equivalent).
Finally, the web version of onedrive now allows upload folders via “drag and drop”. In testing for this post, the feature worked perfectly in Chrome. In Firefox and Internet Explorer, just drag individual files was successful.
Clearly these new leave the most competitive onedrive. The service already offered generous plans – 15GB capacity in free version, 1TB for $ 9.99 monthly with Office 365 going to “toast” – but the 2 GB limit for each file also generated criticism.
And more changes may be on the way. Ability to do research on the content of the files is one of them. Another is the ability to share files without links. In this case, the shared item will immediately appear in another user account. Let us wait.