One More Thing… Tutorials, Tutorials and More Tutorials

Saturday’s heat in Spain, in those days in that sleep has become complicated and if you don’t have air conditioning plays stick to a fan. But even with the torrid climate interesting links about the world of Apple keep coming, so as always we are going to offer a list of some of them in our One More Thing. Here we go.

  • Not everything is reduced to the Apple Watch: Applesencia teach us to use a clock Android Wear with an iPhone.
  • Clash Royale It has been updated with a new arena, tournaments and new cards to all users. The details they have in EsferaiPhone.
  • You may that the tutorial published in iOSMac: with it you will learn to export contacts your calendar to an Excel compatible file.
  • Faq-Mac have a small guide that teaches us to automate the creation of flat text documents in Textedit, which usually save their documents in RTF enriched by default.
  • If you’ve been with the desire to see an example in real life beyond what we saw in the keynote of Apple, in iPaderos teach us how have unlocked a Mac through its Apple Watch.
  • Do you searched for something on Instagram that you don’t want others to see? We will not judge you, and also in TodoAppleBlog explain you how delete the search history application.
  • We ended up in Hypertext, where they explain how an error in the application can allow that We pay only a month in two in the premium service mode.

As always, we remind you that you can send us any news that is interesting to you through our official contact form. ¡Many thanks to everyone for participating and see you the coming week!